What's New

FotoAlbum - 12/21/2019
  • Fixed issues with latest Windows 10 software update.
  • Fixed issues with xmp metadata.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
FotoAlbum - 12/2/2015
  • Fixed Facebook uploads to work with the new Facebook API.
FotoAlbum - 11/27/2015
  • Added the ability to show filename in the full screen and slideshow.
  • Fixed problems with not displaying xmp metadata when it is the only metadata.
  • Improved rotating many photos at once when importing from a watch folder.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/1/2015
  • Added new subscription option FotoStudio Gold and FotoShare Gold which gives users more space and more features.
  • Added the ability to change the FotoTime logo to your own logo for FotoStudio and FotoShare Gold subscribers.
  • Added the ability to have your own internet domain (www.yourbusiness.com) for FotoStudio Gold and FotoShare Gold subscribers.
  • Added the ability to proof orders for FotoStudio Gold customer orders.
FotoAlbum - 10/27/2014
  • Improved generating of the image CRC on startup.
  • Fixed problems with updating EXIF for RAF files.
  • Fixed problems with changing the rating in the Picture Properties panel
FotoAlbum - 7/23/2014
  • Fixed problems when saving an edited watch folder.
  • Changed the manage photo library dialog to not show deleted watch folders.
  • Displaying pdfs now works with the new version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader.
  • Fixed problems displaying a pdf in the preview window.
  • Added warning message when displaying a pdf that is in use by another application.
FotoAlbum - 3/12/2014
  • Fixed problems with slow start up the first time FotoAlbum is launched.
FotoAlbum - 2/24/2014
  • If a new picture is added to a watch folder the photo is automatically rotated based on the photo's rotate flag.
  • Fixed problems with creating a slideshow with a large number of photos.
  • Fixed problems with losing album order when dragging a sub-album to make it an album.
  • Fixed problems with losing pictures when dragging a sub-album to make it an album.
  • Improved upload to Facebook functionality so that you don't have to approve the photos after you have uploaded them.
FotoAlbum - 9/5/2013
  • Fixed problems with managing and viewing RAW files when the Microsoft Windows codec is installed.
  • Fixed problems with the video indicator not showing on the thumbnails for all types of video.
FotoAlbum - 8/6/2013
  • Fixed problem with syncing and saving downloaded photos to a watch folder.
  • Made right and left arrows work in the standalone slideshow.
  • Added the ability to pause the standalone slideshow and manually step through the photos.
  • Added the ability to pause the standalone slideshow by pressing the letter p
  • If you have show captions turned on, the standalone slideshow will show the number and filename.
  • Fixed problems with the font size configuration not being applied to the standalone slideshow.
  • Fixed problems with doing several rotations of a photo very quickly.
  • Fixed problems with loading the album/keyword/date tree on startup.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/3/2013
  • Added a new "Options" menu that shows on every page with quick links to get to the most common admin and reseller menu page options.
  • Fixed problem with error not showing properly when uploading with activeX control and going over your storage limit.
  • Added a new feature that hides logut link for guests visits to your photos and instead gives them an option to go back to your own website (or chosen url). You can configure this option on the "Welcome" tab of preferences. This feature works for paid subscriptions only.
FotoAlbum - 6/6/2013
  • Fixed refreshing of batches when returning from editing your preferences.
  • Fixed problems with saving the gps location when you have mulitple pictures selected.
  • Added a display range option to saved locations so when you click on a saved location you can see the photos "close" to the saved location point.
  • Fixed problems in the filter dialog when filtering by gps locations.
  • Fixed problems with editing a saved location by right clicking on it.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/25/2013
  • Fixed problems with creating FotoStudio user coupons/discount codes in which a large number of individual albums were specified.
  • Enhanced the download pictures in zip functionality to count up the file size of the selected files and to limit it to 100MB to be sure that the zip file builds properly on our servers and in a quick time frame.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/3/2013
  • Improved the gallery keyword searches so that as you type search keywords, the list below is automatically filled in with predictive keywords matching your text.
  • Changed the gallery search matches screen so that when you are viewing photos by a person that matches a particular search, the screen also now shows the most popular other keywords used by that person (scaled so that you can tell which keywords they use the most).
  • Added a link on the gallery search matches screen so that you can jump into a users public album viewing the selected photo and easily view other photos in the containing album.
  • When clicking the link in the gallery to view "Members Public Albums", that page also now scales the keywords to show which keywords that user is most often using.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/14/2013
  • Fixed problems with iPhone uploaded photos that needed auto-rotating.
FotoAlbum - 3/21/2013
  • Fixed problem with data not loading when starting in Explorer mode and switching to My Photos mode.
  • Fixed problems with saving EXIF data.
  • Fixed problems with searching/filtering by decimal exif data.
  • Improved displaying of raw photos that use Wic codecs.
  • Fixed problems with exporting and syncing album names to folders that contained invalid folder characters.
  • Improved memory management and memory allocation when building thumbnails.
  • Improved the performance when shutting down FotoAlbum.
  • Added faces data in the metadata XMP section.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/18/2013
  • Fixed a FotoStudio problem that caused and error when trying to proof very large order (over 500 items).
  • Fixed a bug in editing price plans caused by not tabbing out of an override price field update before hitting the save button.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/19/2013
  • Added the ability to quickly sort your albums alphabetically using the "Sort Alphabetically" button on the albums re-order screen.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/6/2013
  • Added the ability to sell videos as digital downloads. To enable this, just edit your price plan and enable video downloads and set a price for it. Purchases work just like image downloads, except the user downloads your original un-watermarked video.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/18/2013
  • Addded more web servers to improve performance and response time when accessing your online photos.
  • Added support for watermarking videos so that you can also protect them from theft just like photos (in preparation for being able to sell video downloads like photo digital downloads).
  • Improved RAW support by using the WIC codecs from here.
  • Fixed problems that caused uploading of animated GIFs to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that caused renewal dates on subscription rewnewals to be in-correct for accounts that we had previously done a manual 2 year renewal on.
  • Fixed problems in the slideshow caused by unicode characters in the filename or caption.
  • Enhanced upload to support file sizes up to 4GB for larger videos.
FotoAlbum - 12/26/2012
  • Fixed problem with the cursor in the caption and keywords field jumping around on the Picture Properties pane.
  • Display maker notes for the Exif metadata.
  • Allow filtering by maker notes.
  • Fixed problem with Duplicate Picture Finder when changing the master photo.
  • Improved performance with refreshing smart albums.
  • Fixed problem in Batch Rename when using a Sequence tag.
  • Fixed problems with generating thumbnails that previously errored out.
FotoAlbum - 9/22/2012
  • Improved start up performance.
  • Made dates before 1700 work.
  • Fixed errors in the Duplicate Picture Finder feature.
  • Fixed metadata updating errors for photos with an embedded jpeg.
  • Fixed problems with trying to rotate photos that can't be rotated on import.
  • Fixed problems when importing from a WIA device and not using the Import preferences.
  • Fixed problems with using a hidden photo for a sub-album thumbnail.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/31/2012
  • NEW - Added the much requested enhancement that allows FotoStudio account holders to create coupons and discounts codes for their customers. Learn more here.
  • Enhanced the album activity reports to include data for sub-albums.
  • Updated the Firefox web print control to support Firefox versions up to 15.
  • Fixed a bug in the saved projects list making it easier for guests that create a saved project from your photos to find them later.
FotoAlbum - 8/20/2012
  • Fixed keyword sort problem when updating keyword tree from an EXIF import.
  • Fixed sync problems with updating just metadata on a photo.
  • Fixed problems with generating metadata for large photos.
  • Fixed problems with screen saver.
  • Fixed problems with importing settings from version 6.0.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/4/2012
  • Changed gallery highest rated list to be a rolling list of the highest rated from the last six months instead of being the all time highest rated. This updates the list to show different pictures more often.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/16/2012
  • Enhanced the buy popup dialog that appears in the slideshow so that the add to cart button works better when buying books, cards, and photo gifts.
  • Fixed a marketing e-mail bug that happened when you picked specific photos for the marketing e-mail then later deleted them.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/15/2012
  • Enhanced the address book and invitation screens to accept e-mail addresses in outlook format "first last <email@something.com>". The website now parses this out correctly and will not error out.
FotoAlbum - 7/13/2012
  • Improved Duplicate Picture finder which will now find duplicates by exact match, image match, filesize, filename and date.
  • Added support for Apple Photo streams for easy importing and exporting of photos to your iPhone and iPad devices. Use the "File->Send->Configure Apple PhotoStreams" menu option to configure your computer to work with this option.
  • Remembers how album tree nodes were expanded when FotoAlbum is closed.
  • Added more crop sizes.
  • Added more print sizes.
  • Fixed problems with watch folders not populated when switching libraries.
  • Fixed problems with importing a picture date from an image.
  • Fixed problems with geographical data getting removed when a video's thumbnail is rebuilt.
  • Fixed problems with new pictures copied to a watch folder not getting added to a batch.
  • Fixed sorting problems when a new batch is added.
  • Fixed problems with FotoAlbum running against a remote SQL Server database.
  • Fixed problems when updating the library when an existing picture's metadata has changed.
  • Fixed problems with a picture's published state not getting saved when the FotoSync retrieves a photo from the web.
  • Fixed problems when saving an edited photo.
  • Fixed problems with the Print Contact Sheet locking up.
  • When switching between photo views the scroll bar position is now remembered.
  • The Export to Html feature now uses relative paths instead of static paths so that you can copy the files to different folders and the html will still display.
  • Fixed problems with a new remote device folder not working if it contained photos.
  • Offline watch folders represented with a better graphical icon.
  • Fixed problems with deleting an offline watch folder from the Watch Folder tree.
  • Fixed problems with offline watch folders scanning an entire drive.
  • Improved the handling of watch folders when a library was copied to a new computer. User does not have to add the watch folders back to FotoAlbum.
  • Fixed problems with saving metadata on the full screen.
  • Remembers how smart albums, batches, dates and keywords were expanded when FotoAlbum is closed.
  • Fixed display problems when a picture's metadata is updated while FotoAlbum is not running.
  • Fixed problems with removing an offline watch folder.
  • Fixed problem with clearing the geographical location when changing properties for multiple pictures.
  • Fixed problem when importing a file from wia in a different file format than the native format, now uses the correct extension when saving.
  • Improved the device settings by adding a "Native" option for filetype which allows a user to get the original image off of the device.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/28/2012
  • Added the ability to choose a cover photo for an album overriding the standard functionality of using the first photo in the album.
  • Enhanced the gallery to better work with accounts with a large number of photos.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/23/2012
  • Added new larger sizes to the slideshow. Now, in addition to the 640x480 sized photo option you used to have you now can also choose from 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x960. These sizes also offer watermark protection and are options in the "Create Link" functionality for creating a link to a photo to embed on other websites.
  • Fixed the buy prints options so that if you have packages, you still see sizes 4x6 to 8x10 in addition to your packages without having to click the "More Sizes" link.
  • Added a check on the gift selection screen to be sure that you have a quantity of 1 for at least one of the option boxes.
  • Improved performance for larger accounts with a lot of photos.
FotoAlbum - 4/9/2012
  • Improved loading of photos, videos and documents at startup.
  • Fixed issues with syncing duplicate albums with the web.
  • Video and PDF metadata are now displayed in the Picture Properties pane.
  • Fixed problems with dates earlier than September 1847.
FotoAlbum - 4/5/2012
  • Enhanced the xmp faces parsing to work with foreign computer configurations where decimal point is not a period.
  • Fixed a bug in xmp generation for faces to properly specify x and y coordinates.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/3/2012
  • Added support for 800x600 and 1024x768 versions of the flash slideshow.
  • Improved compatibility with iPhone and iPad. Made popup dialogs that appear during slideshow appear at top of screen instead of middle so that popup keyboard doesn't obscure them.
  • Improved messaging in cart when purchasing FotoAlbum Pro license key explaining how to get upgrade and subscriber discounts.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/14/2012
  • Added the ability to upload a replacement photo for an existing online photo. This feature is perfect when you make edits to an existing photo and simply want to upload the edited photo on top of the original.
FotoAlbum - 2/17/2012
  • Fixed problems with the Manage Photo Library dialog working with 6.0 libraries.
  • Fixed problems deleting a library from the Manage Photo Library dialog.
  • Fixed Manage Photo Library dialog to show the path for the built-in FotoAlbum library instead of the library name.
  • Improved the Export wizard to use the Selected Pictures or Selected Albums option by default.
  • Fixed problems with caption when the caption contained a '&'
  • Improved memory performance when running on a 64 bit operating system.
  • Improved the peformance when changing the metadata of a photo.
  • Improved pdf thumbnail creation.
  • Added support for international character input keys.
  • Made the select keywords dialog taller.
  • Fixed problem with the album tree not updating when viewing the Pictures Properties pane.
FotoAlbum - 2/7/2012
  • Improved PDF thumbnail generation.
  • Added support of non-standard PDFs.
  • Fixed problems with generating 30 day trail of Pro features.
  • Fixed problems with syncing photos from the web back to the PC that had been removed from FotoAlbum.
  • Fixed problem with empty fields when setting a filter for some conditions.
  • Improved the logic to determine where a picture should be copied on a PCs hard drive when syncing back from the web.
  • Improved FotoSync to use less memory.
  • Enhanced picture properties and multiple picture properties pane to auto expand/decrease caption, text and keyword fields when enlarging/descreasing the screen.
  • Improved the load speed when going to the device view.
  • Fixed the Manage Photo Library dialog to show the correct watch folders in a library.
  • Improved the performance of the Export dialogs when exporting to a folder and exporting to html.
  • Enhanced the Send To Facebook function to work from the Explorer View.
  • Added "Show Photos in Selected Album" menuitem in the View menu so that a user can easily switch between showing pictures collectively and showing only what is in the selected album.
  • Fixed problem when adding a new album and the album type was not getting set correctly to Auto.
  • Enhanced the FotoSync to not upload/download a picture if the picture was just moved to another album.
  • Enhanced the maps to refresh when changing the "Show Photos in Selected Album" preference.
  • Fixed the sync process to update the metadata for a photo on the web using the same rules that FotoAlbum uses when updating metadata.
  • Added ability to copy metadata to the clipboard from the picture properties pane.
FotoAlbum - 1/26/2012
  • Increased the size of the keywords field on the picture properties pane.
  • Fixed memory problems when doing a FotoSync.
  • Improved performance and reliability when an album has thousands of mapped photos.
  • Improved album tree and picture properties refresh after a watch folder scan.
  • Fixed scrolling issues in album tree when restoring the selection a user was the last time FotoAlbum was closed.
  • Improved handling of removing a photo from a watch folder and adding it back.
FotoAlbum - 1/17/2012
  • Improved performance for mapping.
  • Fixed memory issues with the remote device sync.
  • Improved performance on startup with shared libraries.
  • Fixed issues with the contact sheet printing.
  • Fixed issues with displaying the print contact sheet preview.
  • Fixed crashes when using the print contact sheet
  • Fixed problems with the library backup not working.
  • Handled the deleting and adding back of a deleted photo better.
  • Added the ability to enter a multi-line caption when changing the captions for multiple photos.
  • Fixed the Album description dialog not to close when hitting the enter key when editing an album description.
  • Fixed issues when displaying an albums thumbnails.
  • Fixed font color for album descriptions that display above the thumbnails.
FotoAlbum - 12/22/2011
  • Send photos to Facebook
  • Manage and view PDF files as well as syncing them to your online web account
  • Export pictures to html
  • Print single and multipage contact sheet of your thumnbails. Includes option for captions, keywords, filenames, etc.
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server database to store your albums, captions, keywords, etc.
  • Rename and delete keywords by right clicking on the keyword in the tree.
  • Date tree now shows and allows you to filter by the day
  • Improved metadata search
  • Added more compression reduce amount values and sizes
  • Made the compression drop downs consistent every where they are used
  • When syncing and only have metdata changes then only the changes will be synced and the photo doesn't have to be uploaded
  • Sub-Albums are shown along with the thumbnails
  • Album description now displayed above thumbnails and can be clicked to add a description or edit a description.
  • If you delete a watch folder and move the photos to another watch folder, you will not lose your albums, captions, locations, etc.
  • Fixed bug when adding a photo to albums using the Properties Panel. If you added a photo to an album and then went to the album the photo would not show up.
  • Fixed problems when syncing and you had no watch folders or your watch folders had been deleted.
  • If you are on a watch folder and exit FotoAlbum then it will remember the watch folder you are on when you run FotoAlbum the next time.
  • Handles offline watch folders better. Will show you when you have a watch folder that no longer exists.
  • Add option in watch folder configuration to ignore hidden folders.
  • Fixed bug When making a FotoCD, if you select an album, it puts empty groups for the album on the FotoCD when there is no need to do so .
  • If you don't have a fototime user setup you can still launch the View Web feature. It will just ask you for your FotoTime user information.
  • Fixed bug in View menu. If you are viewing the picture properties panel it will show a check in the View Picture Properties menuitem
  • Improved speed when setting up your FotoTime web account
  • Improved validation of watch folders when adding new watch folders
  • When creating a CD the photos are written to the CD based on the photos sort order. This way when viewing the CD the photos are in the correct order
  • When importing photos if you specify an album to import to and are using the tag in your file location the correct album will be used
  • Fixed bug with slideshow music not working
  • If you have Auto Update Exif turned off and turn it on, any outstanding exif updates are done without having to restart fotoalbum.
  • Fixed bug. If you had the same music file for different albums when creating a CD this caused problems.
  • Fixed bug. When reducing the files there were problems with duplicate file names. For example, if you had two identical filenames with different extensions when those files got reduced they ended up having the same filename and errors happened.
  • Added all the full screen Display preferences to the popup menu under toolbars
  • Fixed bug - When trying to share a library a check was made to make sure all watch folders in the library were shared even the deleted ones. Fixed bug to ignore deleted watch folders
  • Fixed sync bug the sync status screen was not showing the right number of pictures sent or get if the apply web changes or apply pc changes checkboxes were not checked.
  • Sort backup listings in order of the most recent date to the least recent date
FotoTime Web Site - 10/31/2011
  • Added a glossy/matte option to package purchases so that you can choose the correct surface when adding a package selection to the cart.
  • Fixed a bug that caused closed account to still show up in the gallery.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDFs to not work properly for guests.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/30/2011
  • Added a new uploader option for Safari, Firefox and Chrome. This uploader uses HTML5 and should alleviate the problems Mac users have seen when trying to upload using the batch java version.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/26/2011
  • Added the ability to re-order photos at the sub-album level.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/23/2011
  • Added new square aspect ratio prints. Choose from standard photo paper prints in glossy or matte format, or have your best photo printed as a canvas wrap.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/16/2011
  • Added a feature to have jpegs auto-rotated when you upload them if the EXIF indiciates that the camera was held in a rotated orientation. Note that this feature can be disabled with web preferences.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/6/2011
  • Added the album path to the top of the slideshow so that you can easily return to any sub-album or album that is a parent of the current selection.
  • Fixed a problem in the sub-album delete that caused the pictures of sub-albums within the deleted sub-album to not get deleted properly.
  • Added support for larger sized photos in the slideshow. We are currently converting accounts now so that they support the larger photos. Once we have the conversion done, all accounts will be switched to support the larger photos. Should you want support for the larger photos before the entire conversion finished, please contact our support staff and we can convert your photos separately and enable it for your account.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/25/2011
  • Fixed a bug that caused black thumbnails to sometimes appear when a valid picture was uploaded.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/24/2011
  • Improved the determination of the default method to upload pictures based upon browser user agent. Added better support for 64bit Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed a bug caused when entering zero as the quantity for items in the cart. Zero quantity items are now removed from the cart properly as expected.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/12/2011
  • Added the ability to password protect sub-albums. The ability to password protect albums had already existed, but now we added password protection abilities at the sub-album level as well.
  • Fixed a problem with the way the slideshow screen displayed after using the rotate arrows to rotate a picture. The screen now properly adjusts for the new size of the rotated photo.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/4/2011
  • Improved the login and display time of the welcome screen for accounts with a large number of photos.
  • Fixed links on the FotoStudio sample accounts page. Some of the links were pointing to previously removed albums and have now been updated.
  • Added Captcha verification to new accounts registration page to prevent bots and other web spiders from automatically creating invalid user account.
  • Fixed a error that was caused when trying to upload your own custom watermark file before any other photos had been uploaded.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/13/2011
  • Fixed bug with create link to pictures that caused incorrectly formmated html/urls to be formed.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/12/2011
  • Enhanced FotoStudio packages so that a different photo can be picked for each item in the package. Once a package is added to the cart, a change photo link will appear under each item in the package and allow the customer to pick different items for each photo in the package.
  • Added a configuration option in package so that the photographer can control whether a customer can pick different photos for each item in the package. By default, it allows customers to pick different items, but this can be disabled in the package configuration.
  • Improved the way that packages display on the customer's e-mailed receipt.
  • Fixed the Change Photo links in the cart so that the filename of the newly pick photo is updated properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Java Uploader that caused the display to get corrupted when the Show Files link was clicked
  • Fixed watermarks so that they show properly during the initial 30 day trial. Note that this is a paid subscriber feature and the watermarks will stop displaying at the end of the 30 day trial unless a subscription is purchased.
  • Add a per-album override so that you can control whether newly uploaded pictures are uploaded as private. The global option in preferences still exists, but you can now override it at the album level.
  • Improved the error message that displays when a user clicks a cached link to access a gallery account that has been disabled.
  • Added a new preference which allows you to block search engines from indexing your photos. This will help you make your photos more private. Note that if you enable this for an account that has already been indexed by a search engine, it may take a couple of weeks for it to be re-indexed and removed from the search results.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/15/2011
  • Added the ability to upload PDF documents to your FotoTime account. Note that PDFs are ignored during a FotoSync, and the up-coming FotoAlbum 7 release will fully support managing PDFs as well as syncing them.
  • Improved the meta tags that search engines use to index your photos and albums.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/11/2011
  • Added the ability to set price plans at the sub-album level. If nothing is set at the sub-album level, it will automatically revert to use the parent album's price plan.
  • Added the ability to delete saved projects. This lets you delete a saved project for a calendar or book that you had created and saved, but now no longer need.
  • Fixed a problem with the iPhone application when sending an invitation to an album that had private pictures. You do not need to re-download the application, as the fix was made on the website and not in the application.
  • Simplified the creation of custom stylesheets by moving non-essential CSS definitions into a base stylesheet. The stylesheets that you create now are a lot more simple to create. Old stylesheet definitions continue to work, but newly created ones will be less complex.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/1/2010
  • Added lots of new products to our store offerings. Product details are listed below.
  • Added photo books available in a range of cover styles and colors. Use our builder to customize your book pages with different themes, colors, photos and text.
  • Back by popular demand are panorama prints. Available in 6" and 12" width, they automatically run the length of your panorama picture.
  • Added 5x7 folded greeting cards. Choose from a wide variety of themes and styles. Perfect for all occasions.
  • Added photo stickers. Choose from 1.75" square or 1.6"x2.3" rectangular. Stickers come pre-cut on a single sheet.
  • Added round photo buttons in 3" and 4" diameters. Perfect for photo name tags or pictures of your loved ones.
  • Added custom photo fridge magnets. Choose from standard or large sizes and use our product customizer to add your own photos and optional borders.
  • Enhanced the creation of many of our photo gift products. Using our new gift builder you can now completely customize gifts such as mouse pads, mugs, calendars and more.
  • Added the ability to save photo projects off and finish or purchase them at a later time. Started a photo book and don't have time to finish it, just save your project and come back later. FotoStudio photographers can also create projects like ready made photos books and share the projects with their customers to purchase.
FotoAlbum - 9/13/2010
  • Fixed problems with restoring of photo library.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/12/2010
  • Added support for HTML 5 video. Videos uploaded to FotoTime now work on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad. All videos upload as of 4/15/2009 support HTML 5 on these devices. Older videos are being re-converted to support the new format and it will take about 30 days for this to complete.
FotoAlbum - 6/18/2010
  • Enhanced Raw support when using WIC codecs so that FotoAlbum auto-scans your system for installed WIC codecs and pre-fills the file extension option in preferences.
  • Fixed metadata update problem that was caused when trying to update metadata for Nikon NEF images.
  • Fixed problem with New indicator when importing photos and videos from a device.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/18/2010
  • Enhanced the website so that when a guest session times out because of inactivity, that the timeout screen gives them an appropriate message as well as a URL/Link to re-access the photos.
  • Fixed a problem that caused videos to fail uploading when they were uploaded with the Java Gallery Uploader through the gallery API.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/11/2010
  • Re-ordered the options on the admin menu page so that the most popular options are now on top.
  • Fixed bug with price plans for digital downloads when selling pictures that were smaller than 640x480 pixels.
  • Added CSS styles to the album listing, thumbnail, and slideshow pages so that it's now possible to have different style settings for guest and account owner logins.
  • Added a small window that displays when you add something to your cart from the slideshow so that it's more obvious that your cart has changed.
  • Fixed bug in gallery when browsing for photos by camera make (sony, canon, etc). Bug caused new camera models not to display properly and has now been fixed.
  • Changed the FotoStudio customer order status screen to show linked/clickable tracking numbers for shipments that have them.
  • When an order for prints has been made against your photos, FotoTime blocks you from deleting photos from your account until we have made safe backup copies of the photos for the order. That logic has been improved so that it doesn't block deletes of all photos in the account, but now only blocks deletes for photos in outstanding orders.
  • Fixed bug on the album activity screen that caused the "Reset Counts" link to fail if an album name had a single quote in it.
FotoAlbum - 3/24/2010
  • Enhanced the photo date timeline to handle a large amount of dates and years.
  • Added support for WIC (Windows Imaging Component) codecs to read and view raw files not directly supported with FotoAlbum.
  • Added preference that allows you to specify file extensions that you want WIC to decode.
  • Fixed problems in the remote device sync.
  • Fixed problems associated with importing data from FotoAlbum 5.0.
  • Fixed problems with Windows 7 and emailing photos from FotoAlbum.
  • Fixed problems with updating EXIF/IPTC metadata.
  • Fixed problems in the exporting pictures and albums feature.
FotoAlbum - 10/1/2009
  • The date bar/photo timeline is back by popular demand. Just choose the "Show Photo Timeline" from the View menu to bring it back.
  • Added more tags that can be used when using the Batch Rename. The additional tags are caption, copyright, camera type, camera model and author.
  • Fixed bug in the FotoCD feature so it no longer puts empty albums on the CD.
  • The sort order is remembered on the Explorer View when you exit FotoAlbum.
  • Fixed bugs syncing to a remote device with a manual sort order.
  • Added option to display keywords beneath the thumbnails.
  • Added preference to always add new albums to the top of the album list.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/2/2009
  • Enhanced the java batch uploader that is the default uploader for every browser other than IE on Windows. The new upload now supports drag and drop and also includes a built in file system browser which can be accessed by clicking the Show Computer Files and Hide Computer Files links that display at the bottom of the uploader. Simply add files to the upload queue, then click the "Up Arrow" to start your batch upload.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/15/2009
  • Enhanced videos to use to be compatible with the Flash 10 player. Uploaded videos are now encoded as H264/AAC data in the MPEG4 format. Videos should have much higher resolution and playing quality than before. Also, because the web videos are now flash compatible, viewing videos now work on a wider variety of operating systems and browsers.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/28/2009
  • Enhanced the Search box that appears in the upper right hand corner of the newly styled web pages. If you are not logged in, then the search box is used to search across everyones photos by keyword. If you are logged into an account, the search box searches the photos in that account by keywords, caption, and filename.
  • If you are an account owner, and want to turn off photo searches for guests viewing your photos, you can do that view a new web preference on the Guest Permissions tab in web preferences.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/21/2009
  • Changed the default look of the FotoTime website to have a more current gray/black theme instead of the older green and yellow theme.
  • Enhanced the FotoTime styles system to support much more customization options via the CSS stylesheets that can be used to customize FotoTime.
  • Added the capability for the new style themes to be able to style all system pages including shopping cart, checkout, and other pages in which original styles could not be applied.
  • Added a Colors menu option to allow for theme/color changes to the currently viewed page/album.
  • Added a popup theme picker that gives preview swatches for each available theme. This is used from both the new Colors menu option as well as the Select Display Styles menu option available from the Admin page.
  • Created a quick link option to quickly change from the older style themes to the newer style themes from the My FotoShare and the My FotoStudio pages that display after you login.
  • Added several new exiciting color/theme options including seasonal, holiday, nature, and a range of new color selections.
  • Enhanced the Select an Album page that displays when you perform any of the Edit Web Albums options to display folder icons so you can easily distinguish albums from sub-albums.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/20/2009
  • Added the ability to order black & white and sepia color prints to the shopping cart.
  • Enhanced the FotoStudio sales report to include total sales, total gross sales and total net sales. Also, the album report now summarizes the sales at the album level for all sales in sub-albums.
  • Fixed problem when clicking on US Postal service tracking numbers on order history screen.
  • Fixed problem in web slideshow for files that had a % character in the filename.
  • Made slideshow more configurable with options to display or not display the caption, filename, and photo date.
  • Enhanced the user profile screen and added the option to clean your existing member photo.
  • Fixed a problem with the genrate URL to picture when providing the BBCode option for posting a photo in web forums.
FotoAlbum - 3/18/2009
  • Fixes problems some users are experiencing with un-needed continous scans of watch folders.
FotoAlbum - 2/3/2009
  • Fixed bug when using the rename option the in the manage photo libraries dialog.
FotoAlbum - 1/28/2009
  • Fixed error problem in install caused by installing wiaaut.dll in Vista.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/9/2009
  • Fixed bug causing eBay auction wizard to fail in some situations.
FotoAlbum - 12/26/2008
  • Fixed problems with configured tools showing up in the right click context menu multiple times.
  • Enhanced the removable device sync in from the device view so that you could sync with individual sub-albums only without sycning the parent album.
  • Enhanced the explorer view so that it automatically detects changes to photos and rebuilds thumbnails as necessary, eliminating the need to manually rebuild (ctrl-alt-u).
  • Enhanced the up/down arrows used to re-order albums and sub-albums so that when re-ordering sub-albums, when a sub-album reaches the bottom, it wraps around to the top.
  • Added support for the new Panasonic RAW RW2 file format.
  • Fixed bug in the "Create Slideshow" option that caused the captions to not display properly even when the display captions option was selected.
  • Fixed a bug in the drag and drop of videos onto gps saved locations.
  • Added support for updating metadata in tiff and jpeg2000 files. Also fixed problems caused when trying to update metadata for filetypes that don't support metadata (aka png).
  • Added support for saving the photo star ratings in xmp in the microsoft name space making ratings more compatible with Vista.
  • Added wiaaut.dll to FotoAlbum installation program fixing problems with disabled "Print with XP Wizard" menu option.
  • Fixed time zone bias problems for pictures that don't have embedded data in metadata (when using operating system file dates).
  • Fixed problem with duplicate temporary filenames when using the PUT upload method in FotoSync.
FotoTime Web Site - 12/26/2008
  • Fixed problems with FotoStudio sales reporting tool when using multi-item packages.
FotoTime Web Site - 12/15/2008
  • Enhanced the address book import option to be able to import CSV as well as WAB formatted address books.
  • Fixed bug that effected FotoStudio price plans that disabled the selling of greeting cards.
  • Enhanced the display of the online receipt so it now displays the details and thumbnails for all items purchased.
  • Enhanced security by adding the right-click disable on thumbnails throughout the system.
  • Added more time options to the FotoStudio proofing setup including 48 and 72 hours.
  • Enhanced blog posting to blogger.com to be compatible with their new atom API.
  • Fixed problems clearing saved carts.
  • Enhanced cart page so that it doesn't automatically timeout when no user activity happens.
  • Added packages to FotoStudio. You can now setup a package like 2-4x6, 1-5x7, 1-8x10 (or whatever you like), and sell it all as a single package. Lets you give discounts to your customers and encourages them to purchase more.
FotoAlbum - 7/2/2008
  • Add ability to control order of XMP date importing (and changed default import order)
  • Fixed problem updating metadata on TIFF's and other formats.
  • Fixed problem with CD/DVD Writer Pro
  • Fixed problem adding sub-albums (name would appear blank)
  • Adding the retaining of last folder viewed in the Explorer view.
  • Improved the copy/paste functionality
  • Fixed a problem with the rename wizard adding #'s to filenames.
  • Improved FotoCD creation to only put selected albums onto CD.
  • Improved support for A4 and other paper sizes.
FotoAlbum - 5/9/2008
  • Fixed problem with multi-word keywords in the keyword tree.
  • Fixed problems dealing with XMP dates (timezone issues)
  • Fixed problems with FotoSync when trying to update images on the PC, as well as other FotoSync issues.
  • Improved scrollbar positioning (retains position better)
  • Fixed problems with adding/renaming folders in the watch folders tree.
FotoAlbum - 4/30/2008
  • Fixed several FotoSync issues (causing improper update direction).
  • Fixed removing of saved locations.
FotoAlbum - 4/12/2008
  • Added ability to save FotoCD files to a specified path.
  • Added new popup menu option on watch folders to allow easy creation of albums to match folders.
  • Fixed Rename Wizard and Device Sync Wizard to create filenames that match album sequence.
  • Fixed several import and export issues including not being able to select sub-albums.
  • Added new Index Maintenance option to remove empty batches.
  • Fixed problem adding keywords if auto-update of metadata was turned off.
FotoAlbum - 4/2/2008
  • Fixed problems dealing with duplicate filenames
  • Fixed problems upgrading from 5.x (requiring extra FotoSync's)
  • Fixed errors when trying to update metadata for non-Jpeg's.
  • Fixed problems with the display of dates because of Timezone (and XMP date issues).
  • Changed default back to creating/updating IPTC
  • Fixed problem with videos larger than 2GB.
  • Fixed problem building video thumbnails
FotoAlbum - 3/12/2008
  • Improved thumbnail generation to handle problems with videos.
  • Improved metadata compatibility with Adobe products (import/export of description).
  • Fixed saving of external tools.
  • Fixed issues with keywords that had "," in them.
  • Added indicator if watch folder is offline.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/10/2008
  • Added the ability to purchase prints and gifts from the public gallery for FotoStudio accounts.
FotoAlbum - 3/6/2008
  • Added XMP metadata support (used by Vista and Adobe)
  • Offline watch folders are now displayed with a different indicator.
  • Fixed problem with keywords being lost during upgrade if metadata was not current.
  • Fixed problem with importing 5.x data (when adding watch folders)
  • Fixed problem with export wizard (when trying to save with same folder structure).
  • Improved shared watch folders.
  • Fixed problem when trying to make changes to ratings, etc. on the full screen viewer.
  • Fixed UTF-8 upgrade problem dealing with saved locations.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/28/2008
  • Added a new sales report for FotoStudio account so you can get more details about your montly sales. The report includes "modes" so you can see sales by summary, order number, album, or items sold.
FotoAlbum - 2/26/2008
  • Improved support for extended characters (SQLite database is now saved in UTF-8)
  • Added new wizard to help share photo libraries (File->Photo Libraries->Setup or connect...
  • Added ability to specify whether backup files are saved for each watch folder.
  • Improved install process to better handle Vista.
  • Fixed problem with archive information not importing from 5.x data.
  • Fixed problem with FotoCD's not working when trying to display full sized images.
  • Startup of FotoAlbum retains state of expanded nodes.
  • Several other minor bug fixes.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/19/2008
  • Added support for the eye-fi SD card to upload to FotoTime. For more information, and instructions to setup your eye-fi card to upload to FotoTime, login to your FotoTime account, click the Upload Pictures link, then choose the Eye-Fi tab.
  • Added support for the Gallery 2 API. This opens up a wide array of tools for uploading to your FotoTime account for all operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. For more information login to your FotoTime account, click the Upload Pictures link, then choose the Gallery tab.
  • Added support for the PicLens browser plugin, from CoolIris. This plugin gives you and your guests full-screen slideshows, and a cool 3D photo wall for browsing your albums. To enable PicLens support on your FotoTime account, select the "Display" tab in web preferences, and check the box to enable PicLens. To learn more about PicLens, or to download the plugin, click here.
FotoAlbum - 2/6/2008
  • Added ability to save import settings (at the preference and device levels)
  • Fixed problem with map view errors.
  • Fixed album ordering problems with FotoSync
  • Fixed quick filter using camera model.
  • Improved New indicators on the Device view.
  • Added back the rotate button on the print dialog.
  • Several other bug fixes and performance improvements.
FotoAlbum - 1/31/2008
  • Note: This update should be installed by any 6.0 users.
  • Fixed problem scanning for files.
  • Fixed auto-keyword and multi-word keyword issues.
  • Fixed problem with evaluation Activation ID's.
  • Fixed problems with Device syncing (including iPods)
FotoAlbum - 1/30/2008
  • Fixed several memory leaks.
  • Fixed several problems dealing with multi-word keywords.
  • Fixed startup error with certain languages.
FotoAlbum - 1/27/2008
FotoTime Web Site - 11/23/2007
  • Enhanced the FotoStudio proofing process so that you can now replace images for gifts and greeting cards.
  • Enhanced the invitation system and added the capability for free/ad sponsored accounts to be able to share pictures in web forums and communities. Uses thumbnails linking back to your larger size pictures on FotoTime.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/12/2007
  • Added the ability to adjust the crop region when ordering prints. FotoStudio account owners can also do this when proofing their customer's orders.
  • Enhanced the gallery so you can now also browse photos by camera make and model.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/28/2007
  • NEW - New digital download sales for FotoStudio users. Now in addition to prints, you can also sell digital downloads of your images available in four different sizes. You can configure digital download pricing and availability in your price plans. You can also edit the license agreement for digital download purchases in your FotoStudio account configuration.
  • Added support for foreign character sets in the flash slideshow.
  • Improved the performance of the price plan edit screen, as it used to be very slow to pull up this screen in Internet Explorer.
  • Enhanced the album photo map screen so that there are easy links to edit photo locations on that screen.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/24/2007
  • NEW - Added new GPS mapping for your photos with Google Maps integration. You can use the location manager to save away your most used locations for easy future mapping, or map photos individually. All mapping data is written into the EXIF headers of your JPEG images for the most compatibility across applications.

    Guests can view your photos on a scrollable map and filter the map on a per album basis. For those that don't want to share mapping data with your guests, this feature can be disabled using the Guest Permission option in web preferences.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/31/2007
  • Added support for upload Flash Video to your FotoTime web account (FLV format).
  • Enhanced the member detail page that shows when you enter a persons account from the gallery to also use the same styles as your welcome page, but also include any welcome message information you have entered in web preferences.
  • Fixed bug in flash slideshow that caused it to skip slides if the captions had foreign characters.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/22/2007
  • Doubled the online storage space for paid FotoShare and FotoStudio accounts from 2GB to 4GB. Whether you had the base 2GB plan or had purchased extra space, we doubled it all (ps - we doubled your monthly bandwidth limit too). The increase in space is at no cost - completely free, and is our gift to you for being our customer. We also doubled the amount of storage space that free/ad-sponsored accounts get from 250MB to 500MB.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/18/2007
  • Added new options for photo frames in the slideshow. Choose from drop shadow, slides, picture frame, and more. This is configuration through the Display tab in web preferences.
  • Found a work around to the IE bug that caused white spots to appear in dark sections of your photos when using the shadow to decorate your photos in the slideshow.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect zooming of thumbnails on mouse over movement on the thumbnails page.
  • Changed algorightm for gallery highest rated list to limit 25 photos per each user account.
  • Made slight changes to the e-mail sent to you when someone comments on your photos. The changes fix bugs in some e-mail clients that caused the photo to not show properly in the e-mail.
  • Made changes to the java batch uploader screen so that it is compatible with a wider range of browsers.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/6/2007
  • Added RSS feeds for the gallery lists (most recent, highest rated, etc).
  • Reduced the FotoStudio time for commisions to move from pending to cleared down to 10 days from 30 days. You now get paid much quicker for your sales.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove background music for an album once you had previously assigned music to that album.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/24/2007
  • Fixed the member list search by country functionality in the gallery.
  • Enhanced the comments system so that if you leave a comment and you are a FotoShare/FotoStudio user, your comment links back to your own photos.
  • Enhanced the 30 day FotoShare trial so that display styles work during this period.
  • Enhanced the receipts that are sent when you make a purchase so that if the shipment is sent it multiple packages, it lets you know that on the receipt.
  • Because our new lab uses DHL for 2 day and overnight deliveries, we made it so that the order history screen works with DHL tracking numbers.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/13/2007
  • New - Added new security options at the album level that give you more flexibility and granularity of optoins for controlling guest permissions. Permissions include overrides for several global options including original photo access, purchasing options, home printing options, watermarks, and much more. You can access the new options through a new "Guest Permissions" tab on the edit album page. One of our most requested features - and it's now here for you!
  • New - add tons of new gift items to our online store including keychains, license plates, photo plates, luggage tags, and MUCH more.
  • Enhanced gallery so that images get indexed in google's image search.
  • Added page the describe how your can earn more with FotoStudio that competitive services.
  • Fixed random bug that caused the right click protection to not always work in the gallery.
  • Fixed flash slideshow so that it works with both private and public photos.
  • Fixed a bug in the web preference screen that caused it not to properly save the "Add albums to the top of the list" preference.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/22/2007
  • Increased the number of free prints you get when you purchase or renew your FotoShare or FotoStudio subscription from 10 to 50.
  • Fixed bug in shopping cart that caused order date to not be correct when checking out from a saved cart.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/15/2007
  • New - Create Flash slideshows from photos in your albums. Easily embed them in myspace web pages, and other social networks sites. Also great for eBay auctions, or putting a slideshow on your homepage.
  • Added a FotoStudio examples page which shows several examples of FotoStudio in action. See what customizations people have made to their FotoStudio account and how to apply the same concepts to your own FotoStudio account.
  • Added a new preference that makes it easy to show your logo or custom text at the top of your album pages. In web preferences, it can be found on the "Welcome" tab in the "Thumbnails Page Heading" section.
  • Added a page that describes how to use flash slideshows or individual photos from your albums in myspace pages and other social networking sites.
  • Added a page that describes how to use flash slideshows or individual photos from your albums in blog sites such as blogger, typepad, liveJournal, and more.
  • Fixed bug in invitation history when < or > characters were accidentally put in e-mail addresses.
  • Fixed bugs dealing with page title tags when either html or double quotes were in the page titles.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/16/2007
  • Changed the labs that we use to do our prints and gifts. New lab features the higest quality prints on Kodak Royal and Endura papers. Our new lab also has much quicker turn around time on print orders, and offers DHL shipping for overseas orders.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/1/2007
  • Enhanced the calendar selections available in our online store. You can now pick from several different calendar styles, add captions, and even add your own custom dates (like your kid's birthdays).
FotoAlbum - 4/5/2007
  • Fixed problem with shutdown on certain systems.
FotoAlbum - 4/3/2007
  • Added support for newer iPods (2nd Gen Nano and newer firmware)
  • Fixed several drag/drop issues.
  • Fixed auto-backup of images from full screen viewer.
  • Fixed printing problems with certain printer drivers.
FotoAlbum - 2/27/2007
  • Added support for Microsoft Vista
  • Added support for all major RAW formats.
  • Improved Explorer view to better handle Unicode languages.
  • Fixed problem with FotoCD creation.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/27/2007
  • Added support for new ATOM API when posting pictures and messages to blogger.com. This is required for people that migrated their blogger accounts to a google login.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/20/2007
  • New - Enhanced browser based uploads to give a progres bar for upload completion using new Web 2.0 capabilities.
  • When trying to grab a URL to a photo to embed on a 3rd party site, slideshow now gives you hit to use the Create Link menu option.
  • Added right click context menus to many of the FotoTime objects. Both the albums tree and the photo thumbnails now have context sensitive menu shortcuts to help you do things faster.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/31/2007
  • New - add background music to your slideshows. You can pick a different song for each album/group. Either you can provide your own mp3 file, or you can choose from the large selection of stock music we provide for you. You can specify background music by editing the album/group properties on the web. Note that a FotoShare/FotoStudio subscription is required to use this feature and it is not available in the free versions.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/17/2007
  • Added user profile information to welcome/albums screen. A new web preference allows you to hide this information if desired.
  • Improved the usablility of the web preference screen by logically breaking it into different tabbed sections.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/15/2007
  • Added the ability for FotoStudio users to add a delay period before sending their customers orders to the lab for processing. The delay period gives you the chance to edit details of the order before it gets printed, and an e-mail alerts you when orders need to be handled. You can change crop/fit, glossy/matte, and even replace and image to be printed with a new image.
  • Added a new admin option screen that allows you to provide profile information about yourself including a picture, where you are from, your interest, etc. All information is optional.
  • Added a new member list option to the gallery that lists all users that participate in the gallery. It does NOT list all users, only those that have the preference option checked to participate in the gallery. The member list also shows your picture that you have uploaded in your profile. Drilling down from the member list shows profile information for that user, their albums, and the tags that they are using.
  • Added the star ranking capability to your slideshow. The star ranking lets you and your guests rate each photo that you have. If you don't want the star rankings to appear in the slideshow or gallery, you can disable that through the admin options preferences screen.
  • When generating a link to a video, you now also get embed code so that you can directly embed a video on any 3rd party webpage - like your mySpace pages or your eBay auctions (this only works for paid subscribers).
  • Fixed a bug that caused video to not work properly on some free ad-sponsored accounts.
  • New view counter for each photo. You can see your hit count for a particular photo in the yellow section below the picture.
  • Added the capability for FotoStudio photographers to define events for each different photo shoot. Events can be created or edited through the FotoStudio "Reseller Options" menu. The events you create are then easily searched by your customers through the FotoStudio homepage.
  • Enhanced the gallery so that it is better indexed by Google and other web crawling search engines. Now, not only are your photos searchable through our gallery, but they are searchable through google. In regards to the privacy of our users photos, this indexing only takes place if a member opts into participating in the gallery, and the gallery will only index those member's public photos, and still hides the members private photos.
  • Fixed a bug in the print order screens that caused the "Make All Fit/Crop" and "Make All Glossy/Matte" option to fail in FireFox.
  • Fixed a bug in with watermarked photos so that they are properly updated when editing an online photo.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/18/2006
  • Added the ability to password protect albums. You can set a password for an album by editing it on the album properties screen on FotoTime. The password is only required for guests visiting your albums, and is not required when you are logged in as an account admin with a password.
  • Added paypal as a payment method for purchasing things from the FotoTime online store.
  • Added the ability to automatically start the slideshow from the thumbnails screen with a new "Start Slideshow" option in the tools menu.
  • Enhanced the public gallery with an Explore option, plus several search lists including most recently uploaded, most recently taken, most viewed, highest rated, and most rated.
  • Adding the ability to rate photos in the public gallery. You can also search for highest rated and most rated photos.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/12/2006
  • Doubled the online storage space for paid FotoShare and FotoStudio accounts from 1GB to 2GB. Whether you had the base 1GB plan or had purchased extra space, we doubled it all.
FotoAlbum - 10/25/2006
  • Added free (limited feature) mode.
  • Improved picture properties when in FotoCD mode.
  • Fixed cursor problem with red-eye removal.
  • Fixed problem losing dates when selecting video frame.
  • Fixed problem with batch rename (background tasks)
FotoTime Web Site - 10/3/2006
  • Made it easier to edit captions and keywords from the slideshow.
  • Enhanced the FotoStudio account activity receipts to show thumbnails for the items that were ordered by their customers.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/5/2006
  • Enhanced our dynamic slideshow which only worked with Internet Explorer to now support FireFox, Safari and Opera. The dynamic slideshow has better performance than the standard slideshow and uses javascript to cache the next slide in the show so that there is no delay when switching slides.
  • Enhanced video support for FireFox, Safari, and Opera. They now support playing the video within the slideshow window by using WindowsMedia Player and QuickTime plugins.
  • New tips in slideshow now give hints and download links for playing video within browser window.
  • Enhanced the slideshow print purchase functionality to use AJAX dialogs and to provide better size and gift options.
  • Enhanced the invitation wizard to use AJAX dialogs.
FotoAlbum - 9/4/2006
  • Added ability to auto-rotate during import
  • Added random playing during slideshow
  • Improved "New" indicators to handle edited/rotated images
  • Improved focus and position logic
  • Fixed problem with captions not appearing due to color (reset color prefs)
FotoTime Web Site - 8/7/2006
  • Started adding web 2.0 features to FotoTime. These changes enable you to get additional information while on a page without the need to change pages or uses popup windows. Check out the EXIF option and the Create Link options in the slideshow to see the new functionality.
  • Enhanced the "Create Link to Pictures" option to allow you to generate links to more than one picture at a time.
  • Enhanced the print ordering options to display the filenames and captions along with each picture.
FotoAlbum - 8/5/2006
  • Several improvements to slideshow including ability to launch from TaskBar.
  • Additional preferences to control slideshow.
  • Fixed problem with captions always appearing on full screen.
  • Added ability for screen saver to work from smart albums.
  • Improved mouse wheel behaviour on thumbnails.
  • Improved cursor positioning after changing sort order.
FotoAlbum - 7/23/2006
  • Added ability to e-mail from full screen viewer.
  • Fixed area selection for zoom and cropping.
  • Improved scrollbars on full screen viewer.
  • Fixed problem re-ordering groups within albums.
  • Fixed problem with red-eye removal cursor.
  • Improved rebuilding of smart albums with published groups.
FotoAlbum - 7/16/2006
  • Changed imaging DLL to work without registering ActiveX
  • Improved U3 support to work in guest mode.
  • Improved FotoCD's to not require installation of ActiveX control (more reliable).
  • Numerous fixes to iPod photo syncing including sort order fix and display of picture date.
  • Fixed problem removing album from filter.
  • Several fixes for screen saver.
  • Fixed problem creating FotoCD's
  • Improved international keyboard support.
  • Fixed filter issue with EXIF rotation values.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/2/2006
  • New - Added the capability for guests to be able to download pictures from your account in batch mode using zip files. This capability already existed for the account owner, but now guests have the capability as well. Access to this option is controlled through web preferences, and by default, it is turned off, and must be turned on to enable this for guests.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when building thumbnails for some QuickTime videos.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some valid jpeg images to be rejected as bad images when uploaded, even though they were valid jpeg images.
FotoAlbum - 5/31/2006
  • Fixed problem sending images with e-mail.
  • Improved logic for building video thumbnails and added poster frame support.
  • Improved keyboard navigation on full screen viewer (focus issues).
FotoAlbum - 5/25/2006
  • Added ability to display caption below picture.
  • Fixed shortcuts for cut/copy/paste on thumbview and full screen viewer.
  • Added several missing shortcuts on Full screen viewer.
  • Added scrollbars to caption, comment and keywords.
  • Fixed problem with Export Wizard and FotoCD (keyword smart albums).
FotoAlbum - 5/17/2006
  • Added wrapping support when moving albums up/down
  • Added back arrow keys for scrolling on the full screen viewer.
  • Improved new Picture Taskbar and Object inspector with large fonts.
  • Fixed problem with Device view not saving changes for scanned images.
FotoAlbum - 5/15/2006
  • Added picture object panel and multi-picture panel to replace Picture Property dialogs.
  • Added picture taskbar.
  • Added new picture fields (Comment, Author and Copyright)
  • Added option to specify external editor (Tool preferences)
  • Fixed problem dragging pictures with Ctrl key held down.
  • Fixed problem where dragging pictures would not remove auto-keywords.
  • Improved WIA importing to use metadata date for naming and picture date.
  • Fixed batch rename on explorer view and F10 for unselecting.
  • Improved import wizard to allow importing from current picture folder (to create albums to match folders).
FotoTime Web Site - 5/15/2006
  • Improved eBay auction wizard. Includes support for latest eBay api, as well as several bug fixes.
  • Fixed several problems with the drag and drop activeX uploader that were caused by changed made to IE as a result of the Eolas lawsuit with Microsoft.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/3/2006
  • New - New searchable FotoTime gallery. You can now search for photos based upon tags or keywords. This searches everyones account for keywords that match your search criteria. We even give you a list of popular searches that other people have used. If you are a FotoShare user and want your pictures to appear in the gallery, be sure to enable this option in your web preferences.
FotoAlbum - 4/11/2006
  • Added auto keyword support (keywords associated with albums and groups)
  • Added support for updating EXIF/IPTC on Tiff files.
  • Improved iPod support for large # of images (> 4,000)
  • Added internal support for Nikon NEF raw files.
  • Fixed problem with rotated images not FotoSync'ing correctly.
  • Improved EXIF/IPTC updates (done in the background).
FotoAlbum - 3/9/2006
  • Added support for U3 Smart devices.
  • Several improvements with device backup syncing.
  • Fixed problem with Delete key on the Album tree.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/7/2006
  • New - You can now have thumbnails for your groups display above the thumbnails for your photos. This gives you easier and more understandable methods of accessing groups without having to use the album tree at the left.
  • Fixed bug that caused errors not to show properly when using the FotoTime eBay auction wizard.
  • Improved support for uploading very large photos and videos. Now much less memory intensive.
  • Guest book now pre-fills data for you when signing guestbook.
  • Improved the error message that you get when you try to use a custom domain with "Guest Login From Homepage" option turned off in preferences.
FotoAlbum - 2/14/2006
  • Improved EXIF re-writing to retain Maker Notes.
  • Fixed problem creating initial thumbnails with low memory.
  • Several improvements to the Device Sync capability.
  • Fixed problem with Picture Detail screen (List and tree of albums).
  • Fixed problem saving away groups with export wizard, create CD and archiving.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/12/2006
  • New - As a way to say thanks to all of our FotoShare(FotoTime) web subscribers, we have doubled the online space of your FotoShare web account from 500MB to 1GB for FREE! You can now upload and share more photos and videos than ever before.
  • Added the ability to edit tags/keywords from the slideshow as well as in batch mode on the edit captions screen.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/8/2006
  • New - Get your own fototime.com custom domain. With a custom domain, you can give people a much easier url to your photos, for example yourname.fototime.com.
  • Added support for BBCode when creating a link to a picture.
  • Added the ability for resellers to set pricing for calendars.
  • Improved the signup process for FotoShare and FotoStudio.
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong price to show for gifts in some situations when guests were purchasing items from resellers.
FotoAlbum - 1/26/2006
  • Added Batch Rename capability ("File->Batch Rename").
  • Added ability to remove picture from current album in the Full Screen viewer.
  • Fixed problem syncing photos to iPod's (thumbnail mismatch).
  • Improved display on picture properties (album list shows entire album/path).
  • Added support for Mpeg4 (*.mp4) viewing.
FotoAlbum - 1/16/2006
  • Added ability to quickly select albums for creating FotoCD's, archiving and exporting.
  • Added ability to sync directly to another picture folder (using Remote Device syncing).
  • Fixed quick assigning of keywords (single words).
  • Fixed new indicator on device view.
  • Fixed problem displaying wrong thumbnail when exiting Full Screen viewer.
  • Fixed problem saving groups onto FotoCD's.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/16/2006
  • New - RSS feeds for individual albums which are compatible with iPhoto6 photocasts (.Mac not required) or any other RSS reader. Simply use the button at the bottom of each album.
  • Improved the look of RSS feeds for those that don't have RSS readers by using XSL translations and CSS stylesheets.
  • Fixed problem that caused blank e-mails to get sent to AOL users.
  • Improved support for uploading photos with large dimensions.
FotoAlbum - 1/5/2006
  • Added support for 16x9 and 3.5x5 cropping ratios.
  • Added ability to copy/paste filenames, path, ID's, etc from Picture Properties.
  • Improved reliabilty of "New" indicators on the Device view.
  • Fixed problem with albums not appearing after a clean install.
  • Improved multi-word keyword support in the Quick Assign feature.
  • Fixed thumbnail display problems including when deleting from the full screen viewer.
  • Improved lossless rotation logic to retain the original filedate.
  • Improved device backup logic to retain original paths.
FotoTime Web Site - 12/29/2005
  • New look for FotoTime homepage as well as improved product descriptions for FotoShare (online photo sharing) and FotoStudio (selling prints of your pictures for profits).
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the eBay auction wizard.
FotoAlbum - 12/19/2005
  • Numerous performance improvements .. startup with large # of albums, scrolling, etc.
  • Added ability to add albums at the top (new preference).
  • Fixed problem when rebuilding all thumbnails.
  • Improved logic detecting "New" files on the device view.
  • Fixed problem when scrolling between pictures and videos.
FotoAlbum - 11/27/2005
  • Fixed problem that created *.tmp files when rotating images.
  • Improved performance of smart albums that have grouping by keywords.
  • Added ability to have multi-word keywords (Use double-quotes around words).
FotoAlbum - 11/24/2005
  • Fixed problem with filters with selecting groups (including during creation of FotoCD's)
  • Fixed problem with Quick Editing (Changing selected album/group would cause loss of edits).
FotoTime Web Site - 11/21/2005
  • New right click protection for your pictures. This keeps people from using the right click menu options to save, copy, or print your pictures. This feature is off by default, but can be activated through web preferences. Note that the protection features only work for guests using Internet Explorer and do not work on other browsers.
  • Fixed bug that caused rotation and flip options to fail.
FotoAlbum - 11/17/2005
  • Added remote device support (Allowing backup and display syncing to local or network locations)
  • Improved performance for defining filters with large numbers of albums.
  • Fixed problem sequencing images on the All View.
  • Improved lossless rotation to maintain NTFS permissions.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes.
FotoAlbum - 11/3/2005
  • Added ability to select/unselect images in Quick Edit using the space bar.
  • Fixed problem with selecting just groups in the Create CD, Archiving, FotoShow features.
  • Fixed problem with losing album selections on the picture properties dialog.
  • Fixed problems with filename reuse on devices.
  • Several other minor improvements and bug fixes.
FotoAlbum - 10/25/2005
  • Fixed problem dragging or copying images in the Explore view.
  • Improved cut/copy/paste to make it work 100% like Windows Explorer.
  • Improved filename format functionality for devices and . Generic devices now use to control display order.
  • Added check to prevent attempts at reordering pictures in Smart Albums.
  • Improved dateline selection to work correctly if a filter is already active.
  • Added support for PgUp/PgDown in the Picture Properties dialog.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/25/2005
  • New - Added several new display styles for thumbnails as well as new sizes. You now have more control over the thumbnail look and the mouse over effects.
  • Added the ability to have a dynamic number of columns on the albums page. Columns automatically resize as you resize your browser.
  • Added new preference that allows you to default pictures that are going to crop significantly to be automatically fitted.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/22/2005
  • Improved product descriptions for FotoAlbum Pro and FotoAlbum Subscriber Edition. Added a new fotoalbum.fototime.com domain for easy access to FotoAlbum product information.
  • Added the ability for resellers to set guest pricing at the picture level in addition to the album and account levels which already existed.
  • New "smart arrow" keys on slideshow when running in "original" size mode. If picture is too large for screen, the arrows automatically work for scrolling instead of next/previous navigation.
FotoAlbum - 10/19/2005
  • Added support for the new iPod Video
  • Fixed several problems with keywords and retain case of keywords entered.
  • Numerous performance improvements including entering, exiting the picture properties dialog and next/previous on picture proeprties.
FotoAlbum - 10/17/2005
  • Added ability to filter with "Keywords has none of ..." and other keyword options.
  • Added ability to show keywords with tooltips.
  • Added support for JPE files (Jpegs)
  • Improved new indicator on Device View (handles rotated images)
  • Several minor improvements/bug fixes on the Device View.
FotoAlbum - 10/15/2005
  • Added ability to assign ratings using the Quick Edit feature.
  • Fixed several display issues with large fonts.
  • Fixed time-entry with regions that do not use ":".
  • Several other minor bug fixes.
FotoAlbum - 10/12/2005
  • Added ability to adjust dates/times on pictures (Multi-Picture Properties dialog)
  • Added image drag capability using left-mouse on Full Screen viewer
  • Added prompt to describe auto-update feature.
  • Sped up the album and group filtering (saved smart albums will lose album/group assignments)
  • Fixed problems saving thumbnail sizes and smart albums referring to picture dates.
  • Fixed problem where rating would be lost if thumbnail was rebuilt.
  • Improved quick search to not slow down typing.
  • Fixed problem with removing keywords (removed partial strings)
FotoTime Web Site - 10/12/2005
FotoTime Web Site - 10/10/2005
  • Added new message on receipts warning if shipments will be delivered in multiple packages.
  • Fixed bug in Album RSS that caused albums to not always show modifications correctly.
  • Fixed bug in invitation system that kept videos from showing properly.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/9/2005
  • Added the ability to purchase gift certificates from our online store. You can either purchase electronic or paper gift certifcates from here.
  • It's now easier to keep up with the changes we make to our products. We have added a new RSS feed for our revision history.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to delete albums that didn't have any pictures in them.
FotoAlbum - 10/7/2005
  • Added Smart Albums that allow dynamic album support.
  • Added complex filter support including ability for unlimited conditions and multiple album filtering.
  • Added Backup and Display device syncing including support for Ipod's, PSP's and other handheld devices.
  • Added Device Import Wizard that makes importing images from devices easier and faster.
  • Added Quick Search (at the top menu bar) making quick searches by text strings fast.
  • Improved look of thumbnails, colors and other cosmetic improvements.
  • Improved EXIF updating and image rotation to maintain file dates.
  • Added ability to control which albums appear at the top (as a button).
  • Devices now display the subfolders (and albums on FotoCD's) allowing greater control over the import process.
  • Added the ability to control whether thumbnails are built with Lanczos (improves appearance of thumbnails)
  • Added E-Mail wizard that has improved MAPI and SMTP support.
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/28/2005
  • New - Added support for RSS feeds for your public albums. Use the orange "RSS" indicator at the bottom of your album pages to access the RSS feed.
  • New - Added several new greeting card templates for our holiday greeting cards. Our new bordered templates will give your holiday greeting cards the professional look while allowing for personalization with your own photo.
  • New - Added calendars to our store product line. Create your own personalized calendar and choose your own photo for each month.
  • Added new sizes to the web compress maintenance option including 2048x1536 and 2560x1920.
  • Fixed bug caused when adding albums with a duplicate name.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/29/2005
  • New - You can now use our new watermarking system to protect your photos. Several configuration options allow you to control exactly how watermarks look on your photos.
  • Added a new web preference which allows you to control the default value for FotoPerfect Processing.
  • Fixed a bug in the invitation system which sometimes caused invitations sent to groups to fail.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/17/2005
  • Fixed bug in activeX uploader that caused some people to get the error message "Canvas does not allow drawing".
FotoTime Web Site - 7/29/2005
  • New - You can now earn profits when guests purchase prints and gifts from your pictures. You can set the pricing you want, then make commissions based upon the different between the pricing you set and your cost for the items. Learn More.
  • Improved administration menu options to better show each option and what it is used for.
  • Fixed bug when adding new address to address book it was not correctly assigning it to groups.
  • Fixed bug which caused it to improperly show the e-mail addresses an invitation was sent to when sending to multiple addresses.
  • Fixed bug which caused captions to not show up properly in Firefox.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/30/2005
  • New - You no longer need to purchase a separate subscription to share videos on FotoTime. Now your standard photo sharing subscription includes support for sharing both photos and videos.
  • You can now send photos and videos from your cell phone directly to your FotoTime account to share with others. This works with almost all cellular services and phone models. Simply use the interface of your phone to e-mail your photos to photos@fototime.com. A new system preference lets you configure the e-mail address your photos will be coming from when sent from your phone.
  • Added new shortcut url to your guest book so that guests can get there without logging into your account. Simply use the url "http://www.fototime.com/users/your_email_address/viewguestbook" to send guests directly to your guestbook.
  • Fixed a bug in FotoSync that caused it to ignore the "convert to wmv" preference when adding new videos.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/22/2005
  • FotoTime now lets you know when your invitations to guests fail to get delivered. Whether its because of your guests spam checking, or whether you enter an incorrect e-mail address, FotoTime sends you an alert e-mail message when the invitation fails to be delivered.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/16/2005
  • New - Reduced everyday low price on 4x6 prints from 24¢ to 17¢ for FotoTime subscribers. Also reduced the non-subscriber price from 39¢ to 24¢. Unlike other sites, you don't have to buy in bulk to get the 17¢ price.
  • Added new feature to that makes it easier to download your original pictures from FotoTime. Choose any set of pictures in an album, and FotoTime will create a Zip file with all your selection, so you can download them all in a single batch.
  • Added new feature that allows guests to make comments on each of your photos individually, similar to the existing guest book feature. You can easily view or add comments on any photo directly from the slideshow. A new preference in the web preferences section controls whether or not this feature is enabled.
  • FotoTime will now e-mail you when guests sign your guest book, or leave comments about photos. You can enable or disable this feature through preferences.
  • Fixed several problem with XP publishing wizard including support for videos, as well as problems when uploading to groups within an album. You will need to re-import the registry file from the download page to add support for publishing videos through the XP publishing wizard.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/6/2005
  • Added tabs to the upload photos screen to better display the different upload options available on FotoTime.
  • Added a new Java batch uploader that makes it easy to upload batches of photos from any computer or operating system that supports Java.
  • Added new support for WindowsXP publishing Wizard to upload photos to FotoTime.
  • Added support for e-mailing photos to your FotoTime account. Simply add photos as an attachment to an e-mail, and send them to photos@fototime.com.
  • Through a partnership with HoloCore, FotoTime now offers a new batch uploader for MacOSX users called PictureSync. PictureSync works with all popular Mac applications including iPhoto and iView.
FotoAlbum - 5/25/2005
  • Improved Import Wizard to prevent duplication of albums and files.
  • Fixed problem with picture dates being cleared on pictures outside the picture folder.
  • Fixed display problem with screen sizes smaller than 1024x768.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/13/2005
  • Enhanced batch uploader control to be easier to use as well as more stable for large numbers of pictures.
  • For those that have the video subscription, we now have support for more types of video including Real, MP2, and Xvid.
  • Enhanced slideshow to work better with videos.
  • Enhanced the e-mail greeting cards to have a larger, higher resolution e-mail greeting, along with a nicer looking mail message.
  • Welcome page now uses thumbnail styles properly when rendering page.
  • Added directions on the "Configure Blogs" screen to help first time bloggers better understand how to use the system.
  • Improved the layout of the "Invitation" and "Create Link" pages to have a better workflow.
  • Fixed bug which caused it to show the wrong album thumbnail on the Welcome/Home page in some cases.
  • Invitation e-mail now includes thumbnail from first album guest has access to.
  • Fixed several pages that rendered improperly or didn't work properly for IE5 on the Mac.
  • Improved the activeX print control to make the options in the header easier to understand.
  • Fixed bug that caused print control to crash when two instances were running at the same time.
  • Customers who are not FotoTime users can now login on FotoTime home page and be directly taken to their order history.
FotoAlbum - 5/11/2005
  • Improved video support and added ability to view Real Networks Videos
  • Fixed problem with red-eye removal on certain images.
  • Improved minor layout problems on Full Screen Viewer.
  • Fixed several minor bugs to improve stability.
FotoAlbum - 4/12/2005
  • Fixed problem with 2-phase display.
  • Changed location of toolbar on the full screen viewer.
FotoAlbum - 3/30/2005
  • Improved rendering logic to display quickly with smoothing enabled.
  • Improved IPTC and EXIF exporting to auto-create headers as needed.
  • Improved download reliability on the Import Wizard.
  • Fixed duplicate shortcut issue (Ctrl-Q).
FotoAlbum - 3/16/2005
  • Added ability to sort albums.
  • Added ability to drag albums into other albums and groups out of albums.
  • Improved sync retry capabilities.
  • Fixed problem saving ratings with IPTC.
  • Fixed problem with Image Operations (memory leak).
  • Improved keyword history to ignore deleted entries.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/3/2005
  • Added two new styles to the of styles provided by FotoTime. In addition to the existing styles, we now have a new "Aqua" color set, and a "Wheat" color set.
  • Fixed a problem when ordering prints in which the crop/fit preview dialog wasn't working correctly.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/11/2005
  • Dramatically improved the login time for accounts with a large number of pictures and albums. You should now see much improved login times.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/8/2005
  • Added ability to select from different thumbnail styles and sizes for each album. Choose from 3 different sizes without borders, or keep the original FotoTime style with borders and gray background.
FotoAlbum - 2/7/2005
  • Added ability to sort by rating.
  • Added ability to perform an archive restore from a FotoCD.
  • Added display and setting of rating from the full screen (and shortcut keys work .. Alt-0 -> Alt-5).
  • Added support for importing and exporting of rating values (to CSV and XML formats).
  • Improved full screen viewer (does not advance caption and file information until image is fully displayed).
  • Fixed problem with importing folder structure (would not sync properly afterwards).
  • Added shortcuts to full screen viewer for flip horizontal and vertical.
FotoAlbum - 1/28/2005
  • Added saving of ratings into IPTC metadata.
  • Added shortcuts rating settings (Alt-0 -> Alt-5)
  • Fixed problem with Escape key on picture properties dialog.
  • Fixed key entry problem on full screen viewer.
  • Added menu item to return to the All view.
FotoAlbum - 1/20/2005
  • Added support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) file format.
  • Improved performance of Picture Properties dialog (with new Album Tree)
  • Fixed problem with rotating images on the Full Screen (thumbnails would not rebuild).
FotoAlbum - 1/17/2005
  • Improved video support (Added support for additional types)
  • Fix problems with auto-rotation using EXIF.
  • Fixed random problem with Picture Properties dialog.
  • Improved lossless rotation support in the Image Operations feature.
  • Fixed lossless rotation to clear EXIF orientation flag.
FotoAlbum - 1/14/2005
  • Added new bulk operation and image conversion capability (Edit->Image operations)
  • Added album tree to the Image Properties dialog allowing easy selection of albums.
  • Improved zooming in full screen viewer and editor.
  • Saves away current filter when exiting FotoAlbum. Uses same values when restarts.
  • Added new preference to allow auto-rotation of images based upon EXIF orientation flag.
  • Added filter to search for images needing rotation and new Image Operations feature allows quick auto-correction.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/10/2005
  • NEW - Added ability to send your pictures to a blog. Simply pick a picture from the slideshow, then enter the title and text you want posted to your blog.
  • Added check when shopping to ensure that you don't use Fedex shipping methods when shipping to a PO Box (Only the post office can deliver to PO Boxes).
FotoTime Web Site - 12/29/2004
  • NEW - Select different display styles and colors for your albums and slideshow. Choose a default, or select a different display for each album. (uses CSS Stylesheets)
FotoAlbum - 12/27/2004
  • Added picture ratings. Allows you to easily organize images based upon familiar 5-star system.
  • Added new control on FotoCD's for startup Album.
  • Added support for display/editing of seconds in picture datetime.
  • Added manual zoom option on full screen viewer and editor which allows quick zoom into certain portion of image.
  • Added support for Canon CR2 (Raw) file types.
  • Added F9 support (Add To Album) from the Full screen viewer.
  • Fixed several problems on device view (including new indicators not always working correctly).
  • Added ability to control display of filename extensions below thumbnails using thumbnail display settings.
  • Fixed account status display problem (video subscription information).
  • Added ability to clear EXIF and IPTC datetimes.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/30/2004
  • Our Early Gift To You - You now get more for your money with FotoTime. As of today, our $23.95 annual subscription price now includes 500MB of storage instead of the original 250B. Our new offering is for new and existing subscribers. Existing subscribers can confirm that their account has been upgraded through the account status screen.
FotoAlbum - 11/22/2004
  • Fixed manual sequencing of pictures in the All view.
  • Added re-ordering of picture sequence in the index maintenance option.
  • Be sure to look at what is in 4.6
FotoAlbum - 11/20/2004
  • Improved red-eye removal.
  • Enhanced image editor (improved UI and undo logic).
  • Add preference to control compression level when saving edited images.
  • Added saving of script for font in caption preferences.
  • Added support for 4:3 cropping ratio.
  • Added options to index maintenance for sync option.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/20/2004
  • Added new options when ordering t-shirts from FotoTime store. There are now sizes up to XXXL, and in addition, we now offer black shirts as well as white.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/19/2004
  • Enhanced Create Link to Picture option to allow you to link to the original size when using PNG files.
  • Fixed problem with address book when try to sort by clicking on column headings.
  • Fixed problem with address book when try to delete entries from address book.
  • Fixed problem with invitation system in for invitations that give access to only groups without giving access to parent album.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/10/2004
  • Added groups to address book for invitation system. You can now easily create groups of e-mail addresses and send to them all at one time.
  • Enhanced album tree at left to display a hint of the un-truncated album or group name.
  • Fixed bug in invitation system that happened with non-recursive albums that have a picture in the root album.
  • New PDF version of FotoAlbum Pro users guide in Help section.
FotoAlbum - 10/14/2004
  • Added ability to use certificates when ordering.
  • Fixed problem with the "New" indicator on the device view.
  • Added ability to order prints with FotoPerfect enhancement.
  • Added support for 640x480 Quicktime movies.
  • Fixed problem with keyword history not always being updated correctly.
  • Fixed FotoSync problem where albums weren't always ordered correctly.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/8/2004
  • Added new FotoPerfect print enhancements to improve the quality of our prints and gifts. New system improves the vibrancy of colors, improves detail, reduces dark shardows, and makes prints look more lifelike. Simply choose the FotoPerfect Processing option when ordering to enhance the look of your prints. You can learn more here.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/7/2004
  • Added new system to insure that pictures for print orders don't get deleted before order processing is complete.
  • Fixed problem with order status not always updating properly when orders are shipped.
  • Improved error handling for when credit card authorization center is down (authorize.net).
FotoAlbum - 9/30/2004
  • Added new Quick Assign feature (quick way to add images to albums and keywords)
  • Improved drop-down and popup menus to work more logically.
  • Fixed problem saving custom views with archived filter settings.
  • Fixed several minor problems with image editor.
  • Fixed rare sync problem where it would fail to download image if thumbnail was missing.
  • Fixed bug in (Add To not working)
FotoAlbum - 9/12/2004
  • Added new Create Slideshow capability (creates stand-alone EXE).
  • Made cursor keys and PgUp/Down keys control image selection.
  • Fixed EXIF updating to not cause loss of thumbnail
  • Added ability to order glossy/matte of the same image.
  • Improved slideshow to not advance until videos finish playing.
  • Fixed problem with certain Raw images being displayed in wrong colors (MRW file types).
FotoAlbum - 8/27/2004
  • Added ability to display captions beneath thumbnails (customizing thumbnails).
  • CD's and DVD's now appear in the Device view
  • Fixed shopping from FotoAlbum using Proxies.
FotoAlbum - 8/26/2004
  • Added support for direct import from WIA cameras and scanners.
  • Added ability for direct import from removable media when inserted.
  • Fixed GPF on EXIF pref screen.
FotoAlbum - 8/20/2004
  • Added ICC color profile support (must enable preference to use)
  • Improved date ordering using file modification and file creation dates (a lot of changes dealing with non-dated pictures)
  • Improved handling of erroneous EXIF/IPTC (caused bad captions)
  • Greatly improved display of captions in FotoShows (more options as well)
  • Fixed several problems with incorrect thumbnails displaying (not refreshing) on Device View and Explore View.
  • Fixed problem with drag/drop not using replace dialog correctly.
  • Changed display of filenames below thumbnails to not display extensions.
  • Added ability to crop images using both portrait and landscape layouts.
  • Several minor bug fixes and tweaks.
FotoAlbum - 7/29/2004
  • Added support for WIA devices under the Device View (adds support for a lot of cameras)
  • Fix problem dragging pictures when sort order was set descending.
  • Added a preference on whether to auto-backup files when auto-updating EXIF/IPTC.
  • Fixed problem with screen saver prefs (not displaying album tree).
FotoTime Web Site - 7/27/2004
  • Enhanced EXIF display to display new fields including the User Comment Field. We now also display full IPTC information below the EXIF.
  • Enhanced the FAQ system. It now has much more information regarding FotoAlbum Pro, using FotoTime, and shopping at FotoTime.
FotoAlbum - 7/24/2004
  • Added extra prefs to control captions for both albums and pictures.
  • Fixed problem with fixed height on picture captions.
  • Fixed menu item problem with XP Print wizard
  • Be sure to check out all the major enhancements added in !
FotoAlbum - 7/23/2004
  • Added support for HTML in album and picture captions. Also added a lot of control over how captions are displayed (Prefs).
  • Added display of all IPTC data in images and improved EXIF display on the picture properties dialog.
  • Added a lot of new capabilities with EXIF and IPTC importing/exporting. Look at new Prefs screen.
  • Fixed problem with focus when leaving the full screen viewer (thumbnails would not have focus correctly).
  • Fixed problem with 2-way sync (cancelling out of downloading image would leave corrupted JPEG image).
  • Improved appearance and layout of preference dialog.
  • Fixed problem with allowing of editing multiple pictures outside picture folder.
  • Added new "Print using XP Print wizard" feature.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/18/2004
  • Fixed bug in slideshow that caused screen to not paint properly when a picture is displayed following a video.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/17/2004
  • Enhanced slideshow to show image filename if not caption is present.
FotoAlbum - 7/15/2004
  • Enhanced display of captions on full screen viewer (new pref to control size/color/etc)
  • Fixed problem in Explore view where files would disappear until F5 was used.
  • Fixed sync problem where incorrect album(s) were removed from PC.
  • Improved updating of EXIF to be more compliant.
  • Fixed Export Wizard problem with selected images.
  • Improved display of file sizes with compressed images during FotoSync.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/15/2004
  • Enhanced FotoTime store so that when ordering prints, your order will not ship with the prints in the same order that you added them to the cart.
  • Improved navigation and error messages durring the checkout process when shopping.
  • Fixed bug in shipping cost display when selecting different countries.
FotoAlbum - 7/9/2004
  • Enhanced image editor (manual adjustments are faster)
  • Added hue adjustment to image editor.
  • Added option to auto-save images when launching tools.
  • Improved RAW image support (requires install of new RAW image setup).
  • Fixed problem with explorer view not showing images on desktop.
  • Fixed several minor bugs with shopping (including problem with non-US regional settings).
FotoTime Web Site - 7/7/2004
  • Enhanced browser upload screen to only show thumbnails for pictures less than 3MB in size. Also improved performance by reducing the number of times the screen refreshes.
  • Improved stability when uploading large TIFF and RAW format images.
  • All notices, invitations, reminders, receipts and other e-mails sent from FotoTime now have a new design. The new design works better with web mail systems such as Hotmail, AOL, and Yahoo.
  • Credit card validation screen now gives better error messages when card fails to authorize.
  • Fixed order history screen to properly show status of Cancelled orders.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/2/2004
  • Improved support question form to get better details regarding the support request.
  • Fixed scrolling problems in invitation history for Netscape 7.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/24/2004
  • Improved web slideshow to auto advance at end of video to next slide when slideshow is playing.
FotoAlbum - 6/20/2004
  • Added basic image editing (cropping, red-eye removal, contrast, brightness, etc).
  • Fixed several thumbnail refresh problems.
  • Fixed archive restore problem with multiple keywords.
  • Removed RAW camera support and moved into separate setup.
  • Fixed problem with revert to original.
  • Improved file name checking when using the ISO option during archiving. FotoAlbum now checks that you specified a valid iso name and extension.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/20/2004
  • Improved drag and drop uploader for better compatiblity with Windows 95 and Windows 98.
  • Fixed problem that caused 404 errors for those using older versions of Netscape on Mac computers.
FotoAlbum - 6/9/2004
  • Fixed bug (unable to double click on image after dragging).
FotoAlbum - 6/8/2004
  • Added shopping to FotoAlbum
  • Fixed serious problem with drag/drop (when cancelling out of move)
  • Improved ISO creation (filename problems).
  • Added preference to control Canon Raw image method.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/4/2004
  • FotoTime now prints your caption and picture date on the back of prints that you order from our store. This works for all prints that are printed on the Fuji Frontier, which are all 8x10 and smaller print sizes.
  • Improved the checkout process when specifying a shipping address. It is now much easier to specify whether you are shipping to the billing address or a different address.
  • Added more large format print sizes to our store. We now offer 24x30, 24x36, 30x40, and even 48x48 sized poster prints.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/26/2004
  • Improved invitations to work better with spam and other types of e-mail filters.
  • Fixed bug when updating a link from one picture to another.
  • Enhanced link generation in invitation system so you can re-use description when prior link with same description has been deleted.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/13/2004
  • NEW - Get a coupon for 10 free 4x6 prints when you purchase or renew a web photo sharing subscription.
  • Dropped prices for many items in our store including lowering the everyday price for subscribers to 24 cents for a 4x6 print.
  • Reduced shipping prices for print and gift orders. New minimum shipping cost for small print orders delivered to USA addresses was lowered from $3.00 to $2.00.
  • Improved the shopping section of our web site to better show what items we offer and what our prices are.
  • Added many new photo gifts to our store including photo playing cards in a printed tin, photo aprons, and even photo sweatshirts. You can see all of our new items here.
  • Fixed problem that allowed guest to buy prints even when preferences had "Guest print purchases" turned off.
  • Improved the e-mailing of invitations so that it works better with spam filters.
FotoAlbum - 5/1/2004
  • Added a new Archive Maint Screen
  • Updated Canon CRW DLL's to support newer cameras.
  • Fixed problem in Explore view (losing captions when moving pics)
  • Fixed CD/DVD burning (problem with filenames with special characters).
  • Fixed screen refresh problem where scrollbar position would change.
  • Added ability to view Album properties when in read-only (CD) mode.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/24/2004
  • Enhanced support for Macs now includes javascript album tree at left for IE 5.1 or above and Safari.
  • Added ability to add a group from the "Edit Web Albums" menu.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/21/2004
  • Enhanced store to allow for specifying either glossy or matte when ordering printed greeting cards.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/19/2004
  • Improved slideshow for Mac users running IE 5.1 or above. It now uses the high performance dynamic slideshow that is currently used with Windows and IE.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/17/2004
  • Huge improvements to the activeX batch uploader including browse by thumbnail, display thumbnail for picture currently being uploaded, ability to change view style, and ability to resize as browser window size changes. Also includes better error reporting, and more clear instructions for drag and drop uploads from explorer.
FotoAlbum - 4/6/2004
  • Added quick import from folder (right-click on folder in Explore view)
  • Added View->Refresh menu option (F5)
  • Added ability to create singe root-level node when importing.
  • Fixed bug importing (incorrectly added to all sub-groups).
  • Added support for archive verify wizard to work with older index formats.
  • Fixed cut/copy problems in the Explore view.
  • Fixed bug not saving away filter "unassigned only".
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.
FotoAlbum - 3/22/2004
  • Improved detecting of changed files and improved F5 (refresh).
  • Improved registration process for subscribers.
  • Added "Create subfolder" menu item to the Explore view.
  • Fixed cut/copy/paste and rename menu items in the Explore view.
  • Fixed random problem switching Picture Directory.
FotoAlbum - 3/14/2004
  • Added ability to shrink images being put onto FotoCD's
  • Improved file locking to allow multiple systems to access PicDirs (multiple editing not allowed)
  • Improved shutdown logic to prevent lockups in certain cases.
  • Fixed exported XML to be correct when certain characters exist (IE compatible)
  • Several improvements/bug fixes with CD/DVD burning
  • Added support for multiline captions in FotoShows
  • Fixed problem selecting dates in the date selector.
  • Fixed album syncing when editing album descriptions from the thumbnail view.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/7/2004
  • Fixed problems with invites not showing pictures when groups were individually selected.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/6/2004
  • Improved shopping cart now allows you to make mass changes to your order before checkout. Also improved navigation to make the shopping experience easier.
  • Fixed shipping cost calculator when shipping to foreign countries. Also fixed so that 15.00 limit for US Mail deliveries works using the subscriber prices when calculating order totals.
  • Fixed web upload screen so that red X doesn't show when trying to upload a video.
  • Improved album maintenance option for re-ordering albums to work better with Mozilla and Netscape.
  • New quick links for albums make it easy to grab url for an album from the bottom of any page.
  • Fixed bug in invite security so that if an invite has been given access to album that no longer has pictures, your invite grants access to all albums and pictures.
FotoAlbum - 3/5/2004
  • Fixed problem display problems with re-ordering albums and custom views.
  • Fixed CDR burning problems.
  • Fixed an error message that occurred during upgrades.
FotoAlbum - 3/4/2004
  • Fixed bug with CD-R media
  • Fixed problem adding/editing Custom Views
  • Fixed problem re-ordering albums or groups
FotoAlbum - 3/3/2004
  • Significantly improved performance throughout FotoAlbum (especially startup/shutdown). Easily handles 50,000+ pictures.
  • Improvements to the CD/DVD burning in both FotoCD creation and archiving.
  • Added caption support to the creation of FotoShows.
  • Added new sort option "Sort by filepath". This allows grouping images by folder in the All view.
  • Improved the Device view. Added auto-refreshing of media whenever changes occur.
  • Improved the Explore view to auto-rescan any "missing" images.
  • Improved the performance of the "Add To" dialog with a large # of albums/groups.
  • Added thumbnail memory management which improves display depending on system resources.
  • Fixed licensing problems on certain systems (unable to save Activation ID).
  • Improved the "New" indicator on the Device view (rotated images no longer appear as New).
  • Improved the layout of the status bar to better handle long filenames.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/30/2004
  • Improved the activeX batch uploader to now include file browsing capabilites through a built in explorer.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/7/2004
  • Improved forums to better work with AOL and other ISPs that use multiple proxy servers.
FotoAlbum - 12/23/2003
  • Fixed problem with importing captions from certain cameras.
  • Added support for Fuji RAF images.
  • Changed default display method back to averaging (speeds up display)
FotoTime Web Site - 12/21/2003
  • Added new 3.5"x5" prints to the list of print sizes that is supported by the FotoTime store.
FotoTime Web Site - 12/12/2003
  • Fixed problems some people have reported when uploading pictures and getting errors.
  • Improved login time for accounts with a very large number of pictures.
FotoAlbum - 12/11/2003
  • Added a new borderless print option (for printers that support it)
  • Fixed problem with FotoCD's (saving user information onto CD)
  • Fixed GPF on Preference screen (when closing)
  • Added ability to create folders in Explore mode (right-click on the thumbnail pane)
  • Fixed rare problem in import/export and merging duplicates (Null Picture ID's)
  • Improved selection of albums on Export and FotoCD (faster)
  • Improved statistics on archiving removal wizard.
  • Fixed problem with FotoShows not being able to save without Media Player 9
FotoTime Web Site - 12/6/2003
  • Added a guest book that visitors to your pictures can sign. You can enable and disable it using web preferences.
FotoAlbum - 11/23/2003
  • Fixed problem with Screen Saver on Windows 98
  • Improved EXIF handling to better match EXIF 2.2 spec.
  • Fixed problem creating FotoShow's (detecting correct version of DirectX)
  • Fixed problem with thumbnail database location on Windows 98
  • Added ability to restore multiple files at once (from backup files)
FotoAlbum - 11/16/2003
  • Improved activation and licensing (simplified and fixed problem when not connected to the Internet)
  • Fixed Help on Preference Dialog
  • Fixed problem producing WMV FotoShow's
  • Fixed problem with Exporting when there are no albums
  • Fixed problem dragging groups (when moving on top of the All node)
  • Improved moving of groups between albums (moves appropriate pictures)
FotoTime Web Site - 11/15/2003
  • Enhanced web site preferences so that you can now choose what type of shadow you want to display under your pictures when running the slideshow.
FotoAlbum - 11/14/2003
  • Fixed bug that caused exception on startup when DirectX 9 was not on your computer.
FotoAlbum - 11/13/2003
  • Our long awaited FotoAlbum Pro has now been released. You can learn more here.
  • Added new FotoShow feature that lets you created an avi or wmv video from the pictures in an album. You can add background music to the video, and even select transitions between each picture.
  • Added support for background music at the album level. The music now plays when running a slideshow in the full screen slideshow viewer.
  • Added a duplicate picture finder. It can easily find and remove duplicate pictures, and can even merge the meta-data from the pictures you decide to remove to the ones you decide to keep.
  • Added the ability to archive your photos. Once pictures are archived you can even choose to removed the full-size pictures from your computer, but still manage the thumbnails within FotoAlbum.
  • Added import/export capabilities. You can export pictures, albums, meta-data, and much more. Uses the well supported csv format which is easily readable by Excel.
  • Added ability to burn CDs directly from within FotoAlbum when archiving or creating a FotoCD. You no longer need to create an iso and use your own software to burn the iso.
  • Improved the look of the thumbnail indicators.
  • Improved support for EXIF. FotoAlbum can now not only import picture dates from EXIF but also captions. There is also a new wizard that lets you write your FotoAlbum picture dates and captions back into the EXIF of a picture.
  • Enhanced filter dialog to support whole words only when searching through captions.
FotoTime Web Site - 11/5/2003
  • Improved look of greeting cards by applying an anti-alias algorithm to the text.
  • Enhanced resize logic so that there are less jaggies in thumbnails and slideshow pictures.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/31/2003
  • Added a new, professionally designed, clip-art set for use in creating user designed holiday and all season greeting cards.
  • Fixed several problems that sometimes caused greeting cards to render incorrectly.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/26/2003
  • Enhanced the "Create Link" option to work better when creating a link to a video.
  • Enhanced web site to better support uploads of large images and video files.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/2/2003
  • Enhanced Copy/Move album maintenance options to have "Select All" and "Un-Select All" quick links
FotoTime Web Site - 9/22/2003
  • Fixed bug when uploading or syncing which gave the error "No Image Loaded".
FotoTime Web Site - 9/21/2003
  • Fixed bug in web album maintenance effecting the copy/move pictures operations.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/18/2003
  • Fixed bug causing EXIF information to not show properly on website.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/16/2003
  • FotoTime video subscribers can now generate a link to their videos and share them on 3rd party sites just like pictures.
  • FotoTime now provides an ICC profile that can be used to fine tune your pictures before ordering prints. You can find out more about using the ICC profile by clicking here.
  • Fixed return to pictures link in popup slideshow viewer.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/25/2003
  • FotoTime now offers a new upgrade to your photo sharing subscription. You can purchase FotoTime video to add the ability to upload and share video clips from your FotoTime account. You can learn more about purchasing a video subscription here.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/1/2003
  • New - FotoTime/FotoAlbum support forums
    Find answers to common questions in the FotoTime community support Forums. Browse the list of already answered questions, or ask new questions and get help from the experts.
  • Fixed crop/fit preview. It was not showing the indicators properly when ordering prints of a square picture.
  • Removed the "Original" size slideshow options for guests when owner has turned off access to original sized pictures.
  • Fixed popup slideshow viewer so that it does not show 12/31/1899 for pictures without a picture date.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/15/2003
  • Added ability to order prints from slideshow viewer without having to go to another screen.
  • Improved Shopping navigation. Now you can add items to your cart and continue shopping or add items to your cart and checkout immediately.
  • Improved the Bandwidth Statistics on the account status page.
  • Fixed invitation and linking bugs in the invitation system.
FotoAlbum - 3/30/2003
  • Improved video display capabilities
  • Updated help files
  • Added preference to control auto-start of videos
  • Fixed auto-rotation problem
  • Fixed problem with auto-clock correction
FotoTime Web Site - 3/23/2003
  • Fixed problems when sending pictures to Sprint Vision Phones by reducing length of e-mail message.
  • Fixed problems with invitation system when sending invites that give access to some but not all groups within an album.
FotoAlbum - 2/21/2003
  • Added support for JPEG2000 images.
  • Added preference to control what mousewheel does.
  • Added ability to save FotoCD to ISO file.
  • Added ability to select albums or groups when creating FotoCD's.
  • Devices can now specify filename format to use (including using EXIF dates)
  • A new auto thumbnail size allows automatic sizing of thumbnails based upon viewable space.
  • Hidden folders now appear in the Explorer view (based upon Windows setting).
  • Amount of space used by all pictures is displayed in status (for selected album/group).
  • Improved rendering of thumbnails from videos (now defaults to auto-create).
  • Toolbars are now "locked" by default. Added preference to allow un-locking.
  • Added preference to control display of pictures on screen saver (average colors).
  • Fixed problem when dragging groups to other albums.
  • Improved picture sequencing (manual ordering of pictures).
  • Improved the "New" indicator on the Device view.
  • Fixed problem where sending e-mail using default client would truncate text.
FotoTime Web Site - 2/21/2003
  • At your request, the popup slideshow viewer is back. You can select the popup viewer by using the "Use Popup Viewer" link in the current slideshow.
  • Fixed problems sending pictures to Sprint phones caused by e-mail message being too long.
  • FotoTime store now supports many more choices of countries when selecting shipping destination.
  • Improved the speed of the shipping cost calculator for very large print orders.
  • Improved sorting of pictures within albums when using order by sequence.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/10/2003
  • FotoTime gets a facelift. As you probably know by know, we have updated FotoTime to have a fresh new look.
  • The slideshow viewer no longer uses a popup window and now works from within the same browser window. This should fix problems reported by those using "popup stoppers".
  • FotoTime now has the ability to send any picture to your Sprint Vision phone from the slideshow.
  • Slideshow now lets you pick the size of the image to display and even lets you view the original size pictures in the sideshow.
  • Slideshow is now written entirely in javascript and includes buffering of pictures, preloading pictures in advance, and configurable transitions. (IE Only)
  • New online tour explains the different FotoTime products and how they work together.
FotoAlbum - 11/23/2002
  • Fixed problem with certain accounts not being able to sync.
  • Fixed problem with background color sometimes set to yellow.
  • Improved ability to sync with ad-blocking software
  • Fixed bug with read-only pictures on full screen viewer
FotoAlbum - 11/13/2002
  • Fixed problem with certain accounts not being able to sync
  • Fixed problem allowing date selector to use entire width.
FotoAlbum - 11/11/2002
  • Fixed problem with locked files (thumbnails not appearing)
  • Added custom views (saved filters)
  • Improved FotoCD support including saving of preferences
  • Added keyword history to the filter dialog and multi-picture properties
  • Added preference to control display size on full screen
  • Changed mouse wheel to move between pictures on full screen (shift-wheel changes zoom)
  • Added ability to use "average color" algorithm when displaying full screen
  • Added mini-toolbar to control videos from preview window
  • Improved file management (auto-copying based upon CRC)
  • Added support for WMV and ASF video file types
FotoTime Web Site - 11/2/2002
  • Added new support for sending pictures to Sprint Vision phones (IE Only). Simply right click on a thumbnail and choose "Send To Sprint Phone".
  • We are now beta testing video capabilties on the FotoTime web site. Anyone interested in testing this new option can send an e-mail to support@fototime.com.
  • FotoAlbum was featured on TechTV. See the video here.
FotoAlbum - 9/4/2002
  • Added keyword history
  • Added sorting and filtering by filetype
  • Added display/change of published property on the full screen viewer
  • Fixed occassional lockup on exit
  • Several bug fixes dealing with videos
  • Improved printer dialog and improved support for network printers
  • Added auto-saving of last album viewed (restarts in same album/group)
  • Fixed bug with end-date on filter dialog (randomly changing)
  • Improved time estimate when uploading compressed images
FotoTime Web Site - 9/2/2002
  • Added new easy to remember shortcuts into your picture account. Guests can access your account by simply specifying:
    http://www.fototime.com/users/youremailaddress, OR
    http://www.fototime.com/users/youremailaddress/My%20Album (replace spaces with %20)
    This works for all of your albums with public pictures. This feature can be disabled by unchecking the box "Allow guests to login from home page" in your web preferences.
  • Fixed javascript bug caused when picture caption contained a backslash.
FotoAlbum - 8/14/2002
  • Added thumbnail creation for videos (must rebuild thumbnails)
  • Improved account settings screen to allow changing of e-mail if inactive
FotoAlbum - 8/9/2002
  • Added option when published pictures are removed.
  • Fixed problem with sync (downloading files)
  • Fixed problem with certain images (EXIF data)
  • Fixed several Canon CRW problems
  • Improved support for 2-way sync for bad filenames
  • Added check to prevent non-saved caption entry
FotoTime Web Site - 8/8/2002
  • Improved browser upload of pictures increasing the number of pictures you can upload at a time from 5 to 10.
  • Fixed problems with address book not showing Add button when empty.
  • Fixed problems when using manual sort order on albums that have a descending sequence.
FotoAlbum - 8/1/2002
  • Added option to handle removed published pictures.
  • Fixed problem with 2-way sync retrieving pictures.
  • Fixed problem with e-mail address book.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/30/2002
  • New discount prices are now available all the time to our paid subscribers. Refer to our pricelist to see our new everyday savings.
  • Address book now has buttons to select/deselect all addresses with a single click.
  • Fixed problems that caused the thumbnails not to wrap properly when captions were too long.
  • Fixed problems when sorting the invitation history information.
FotoAlbum - 7/27/2002
  • Improved E-mail capabilities including adding address book support and native e-mail client.
  • Improved the Print dialog and added better support for contact sheet and wallet printing
  • Added ability to set a default compression level (Sync Prefs)
  • Improved the reliability of the sync logic (fixed several bugs)
  • Added an Index Maintenance screen that validates/fixes index data (under File->Maintenance Tasks)
  • Added support for partial dates on the filter dialog
  • Added display of disk space used by selected pictures (in the status bar)
  • Added HTTP logging and help screen for Sync problems.
  • Changed the FotoCD option to prevent accidental erasing of temporary folder.
  • Improved the Account Maintenance Screen to handle error conditions better.
  • Fixed bug that caused reordering of pictures to not work sometimes.
  • Fixed bug displaying partial dates (if ended in "00").
  • Fixed bug with Clear button on the Device View (would remove picture from album)
  • Fixed problem with "Select New" button on the device view.
  • Fixed problem with the display location of the Options popup menu on the full screen.
FotoTime Web Site - 7/21/2002
  • FotoTime can now detect the language your computer is using and give you properly formatted dates for your region.
  • Fixed problems in invite history when using column headings to change sort order.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/17/2002
  • Added new tabbed interface to invite history.
  • Added support to our store for shipping to many more countries.
  • Fixed problems in Mozilla release 1.0 which caused thumbnails to be displayed twice.
  • Fixed problems that caused the thumbnail page to continously refresh when using Opera.
  • The album maintenance options for editing captions now automatically saves your work before an auto-logout happens.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/1/2002
  • Album activity statistics now only reports statistics for albums that have pictures.
  • Album activity statistics now includes the total number of views.
  • Invite history dates are now adjusted to show times based upon the timezone you are in.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/28/2002
  • Fixed problems that Macintosh users were experiencing with the new menus.
  • Fixed problems related to albums that have descending sort order.
  • Welcome page now shows correct thumbnail for album when that album is set to non-recursive.
  • Slideshow viewer and other popup windows in FotoTime now work even with Zone Alarm installed.
FotoTime Web Site - 5/21/2002
  • New expandable/collapsible album tree that works exactly like the album tree in FotoAlbum. (IE and Netscape 6.0 only)
  • New 3d menu system makes navigation of the web easier and improves the look over the prior menus. (IE and Netscape 6.0 only)
  • New function in Album Maintenance makes it easier to set security for pictures in batch mode.
FotoAlbum - 5/20/2002
  • Added account wizard to help manage account settings
  • Fixed problem where thumbnails weren't being rebuilt if image was changed
  • Added a menu option to quickly set the web sort order
  • Added an account status screen to show you a summary of your account
  • Added back the "Select New" button in the device view
  • Fixed problem in Explore view that caused the current selected folder to change
  • Improved error handling during shutdown (prevents lockup)
  • Added the center-mouse button dragging capability in the Full Screen viewer
  • Fixed problem with large fonts (serveral screens)
  • Fixed problem with manual sequencing of pictures in the "All Pictures"
  • Fixed problem entering apostrophes in the album caption
  • Fixed problem using the restore Indexfile option
FotoAlbum - 4/25/2002
  • Fixed screen saver problem (displayed just a black screen)
  • Added a Web Preferences option under the "Web" main menu item. This allows easy configuration of your web account.
  • Fixed problem with web compression settings sometimes not being saved away.
FotoAlbum - 4/24/2002
  • Improved 2-way sync (fixed bugs dealing with compressed pictures and ordering of pictures)
  • Added quick filter and clear filter buttons
  • Enhanced the capabilities of Twain devices
  • Improved numbering scheme for scanned images (2 digits)
  • The view large buttons option is now saved & restored
  • Add support for "Home" and "End" keys for thumbnail navigation
  • Improved the date/time selector (shows entire range)
  • Fixed problem with "AppLayout" file being saved in wrong location
FotoAlbum - 4/16/2002
  • Fixed bug with sync incorrectly linking pictures and updating picture dates.
  • Setting of compression using the Multi-Picture properties wasn't working.
  • Fixed.. position of the Picture Preview window was being saved.
  • Improved support for Canon G2 Raw images
  • Fixed .. changes made to album order wasn't detected
  • Fixed .. changes made to picture properties in the full screen viewer weren't detected
  • Improved the saving/changing of proxy settings
  • Improved account limit logic (allows download of albums even if limit exceeded)
  • Fixed the Resend E-mail button on the sync dialog
  • Finalized documentation for 3.0.
  • Added warning for setting picture folder to a removable device
FotoAlbum 3.0 - 4/8/2002
  • New OfficeXP style user interface that gives FotoAlbum a more up-to-date look. Allows you to drag the toolbars/menubars around or even hide them. Some of the option menus like thumbnail size can be torn off and float anywhere on your screen. You can hide or show any toolbar.
  • Complete 2-way sync that allows you to maintain albums from multiple PCs. You can modify your albums from any number of PC's and/or our website and changes will propagate to any/all PC's. This is VERY powerful.
  • Combined the scanner and camera views into a single view. We are going to be adding WIA support very soon which will add support for a lot more devices. In the short term, we handle all TWAIN devices and removable drives. In the short term, we removed support for Native Kodak drivers.
  • Support for Videos. We now support AVI's, MPEG's, and MOV's (we will be supporting all types that the Windows Media Player handles). We currently do not allow syncing these to the website (but will once we figure out the bandwidth issues).
  • Rotate/Flip options can now work on multiple pictures at one time.
  • Ability to control exactly where albums show up (you can force them to stay on the PC only, on the website only or both). This allows greater control of whether albums should appear on the website.
  • The ability to cycle through pictures on the picture properties screen (allows easy editing of many pictures).
  • Added a new tab on the picture properties screen that shows exactly what albums/groups a picture belongs (and allows removal from these).
  • Ability to specify whether pictures should be compressed when sent to the website (on a per picture basis).
  • The customize thumbnails screen now has more options. You can now control the background color of the thumbnails as well as the 3-D effects.
  • Improved slideshow screen. Controls now take less room on screen giving you more room for your pictures.
  • Improved support for the windows large font setting.
  • New wizards make the sync process and the "Set Picture Folder" option easier to use.
  • Improved date filter control now auto expands to take up rest of room on toolbar.
  • Improved thumbnail caching. Now thumbnails are cached on a per/system basis (instead of each picture folder). This reduces the need to rebuild thumbnails. In addition, we store a CRC value for each picture that is used to determine if/when a picture has changed. The CRC value will also allow us to provide duplicate picture detection/elimination in an upcoming version.
  • Better support for Canon raw files.
FotoTime Web Site - 3/10/2002
  • Your most requested feature has now been added to FotoTime. You can now have captions appear below your thumbnails. You can enable captions to show in your account by using the web preference option after logging into your FotoTime account.
  • The compress option in album maintenance now lets you compress pictures that are in groups.
  • Changing your user information now also changes your associated shopping account information.
  • New preference allows you to control the delay between pictures when running the web slideshow.
  • New workaround for slideshow problems on older versions of Netscape on the Mac.
  • Improved loading speed of all invitation pages.
  • Popup windows now work with ad/popup window blocking software
  • Added order detail page to view all the prints you ordered
FotoTime Web Site - 3/3/2002
  • We have completed our move to our new data center featuring a faster and more reliable internet connection. We hope you enjoy the improved performance our new connection provides.
  • We have also added more web servers into our server farm to improve performance when using our website.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/1/2002
  • Added new autologin feature which makes it easy to login to your account with administrative capabilities. Simply choose the "Automatic Login" feature from the "Account Info" menu, then choose whether you want to create a favorite or set FotoTime as your home page.
  • Fixed a problem in the album view statistics which was causing the counts to add up incorrectly.
  • Fixed the invite system so that you can get back the URL for an existing invite.
  • Improved the greeting card generator so that it can handle more lines of greeting text without getting chopped off.
FotoTime Web Site - 12/20/2001
  • Added support for selection of colors to use on web
  • Added ability to choose either ascending or descending sort order for web albums
  • Added wallet size prints to store.
  • Greeting cards now work with Yahoo mail.
  • Added ability to see exact pictures ordered when viewing history of orders from store.
  • Added ability to rename existing invites.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/7/2001
  • Better cookie handling and support for session cookies.
  • Ability to reset counters on album view statistics.
  • Ability to reset counters on invite history statistics.
  • New easier and quicker way to re-order albums.
  • Improved ActiveX print control. Reduced download time for users of web print control.
  • New preference allows you to control "Welcome" message that displays in upper right hand heading.
  • New option to compress all or some of the pictures in an album to a smaller size to save space on FotoTime allowing you to add more pictures within your subscription space.
  • Fixed file extension when using the invite system to link to an original pictures that is not jpeg format.
  • Fixed bug in which the "Start In" selection did not work when using the Generate URL option.
FotoAlbum - 9/10/2001
  • Added support for using embedded picture date for file/folder naming (from camera).
  • Fixed problem copying pictures from camera (when prior pictures were removed).
  • Fixed error that sometimes occurred when terminating a Sync operation.
  • Added support for Cut/Copy/Paste in the album/group caption.
  • Fixed error that sometimes caused a warning to display when dragging published pictures around.
  • Updated documentation to reflect all new features.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/10/2001
  • Better WebTV support
  • WebTV can now upload pictures captured from a video camera.
FotoTime Web Site - 9/8/2001
  • Fixed problems with invite history reporting wrong numbers.
  • Added new ability to set captions for all pictures in an album.
  • Improved navigation when doing album maintenance.
  • Fixed problem with "Welcome" screen showing wrong heading when coming in from an invite.
  • Improved cookie support.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/19/2001
  • Invites now let you specify the subject for the email sent to your guests.
  • Invites now let you choose the starting album you want and invite to start in.
  • Improved web navigation using new popup menus.
  • Got rid of graphic buttons that displayed when you login to your account and replaced with better looking text labels.
  • Made it easier to change your account registration information.
  • Added a new "Welcome" page that lists your albums along with a custom greeting you can specify. You can control whether the Welcome screen display on login by changing the web preferences.
  • New web preferences to further control guest access.
  • New support for changing the background color of the slideshow window.
FotoAlbum - 8/18/2001
  • Added support for Canon Raw pictures (CRW).
  • Added display of Album and group descriptions.
  • Improved album and group reordering (more consistent and easier).
  • Fixed bug displaying amount of free space over 4GB.
  • Fixed bug in copying/moving files when replace dialog was displayed (EOleSysError).
Download Pics - 8/6/2001
  • Now only shows albums that have pictures.
  • Better session handling for lost connections.
  • Threads were improved to be less processor intensive.
  • Numerous bug fixes and reliabiltiy improvements.
FotoAlbum - 8/6/2001
  • Added transitions to screen saver and full screen viewer .
  • Allow reodering manual sequence by date, filesize and filename .
  • Added Polyimage2 support.
  • Fixed bug with Copy when in read-only mode.
  • Fixed help file problem with 2 topics.
  • Fix bugs when syncing and web server goes away.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/6/2001
  • You can now enter your own e-mail subject for e-mails sent using our invite system.
  • Improved checkout process with simpler screens.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/1/2001
  • While FotoAlbum remains free, FotoTime now requires an annual subscription for storage of pictures on the FotoTime web site. An email sent to all customers explains the details.
  • New album maintenance feature allowing you to copy or move pictures between albums.
  • Improved the user interface and speed when changing the order of pictures within an album.
  • Enhanced the look of the e-mail that gets sent when you use our invite system.
FotoAlbum 2.5 - 7/24/2001
  • Added a dockable Picture Preview window.
  • Improved the speed and reliabiltiy of the Explorer view.
  • Increased limit of all descriptions to 16KB.
  • Explorer view now opens into last viewed folder.
  • Improved sequencing of pictures when dates are the same.
FotoAlbum 2.4.4 - 6/19/2001
  • Added back the popup menu on the full screen (accidentally removed in 2.4.3).
  • Improved error handling logic when problem with updating index files.
  • Fixed problem renaming a file with only case changes.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/14/2001
  • New - We have added the ability to import your Albums/Pictures from your Zing account. You can access this feature from the "Edit Web Albums" link button after you login to your account. This feature is currently in beta, so if you experience any problems, please mail us at support@fototime.com.
FotoAlbum 2.4.3 - 6/10/2001
  • Fixed problem where Full Screen viewer would sometimes display an empty (gray) screen.
  • Elminated Index Corruption problem (Thumbnail file is opened as read-only until changes are saved).
  • Got rid of random GPF when trying to SetFocus (sometimes SetFocus would fail).
  • Added more exception handling when connecting to camera.
  • Fixed problem where camera view was not saving thumbnails correctly.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/4/2001
  • Album maintenance now lets you change the order of your albums.
  • Album maintenance now lets you re-order the pictures in an album.
  • Album properties in album maintenance section now lets you chose the sort order of the pictures in the album.
  • When uploading pictures using your web browser, you can now upload up to 5 at a time.
  • Slideshow popup window has been re-designed for a cleaner look and now has new options.
FotoAlbum 2.4.2 - 6/3/2001
  • Descriptions of albums, groups and picture captions can now be very long (1024 characters)
  • CD autorun has been improved (including ability to just run FotoView from the CD)
  • Manual ordering of pictures on the All view now displays according to manual sort of each album
  • Improved date support for international date formats
  • Fixed ability to cancel out of sync caused by auto-retry logic
FotoAlbum 2.4.1 - 5/15/2001
  • Added HotKey to start/stop slideshow on the Full Screen slideshow (CTRL-S)
  • Added auto-retry support for syncing pictures (handles minor Internet connection problems)
  • Now FotoAlbum produces an optimized thumbnail database when creating a FotoCD
FotoAlbum 2.4 - 4/28/2001
  • Added binary file format (faster on saving/loading)
  • Added support for scanning multiple pictures at once (thumbnail view)
  • Added ability to set compression level when scanning
  • Added ability to filter by filenames
  • Added ability to sort by sequence on the all view.
  • Added ablility to define shortcuts for tools.
  • Added ability to set caption equal to filename (on multiple pictures)
  • Added ability to handle dates earlier than 1900
  • Added ability for FotoCD's to autorun slideshow
  • Keeps track of last scanner used
  • Fixed display of partial dates on tooltips and captions
  • Fixed filtering by pictures not in albums on the Explorer view
  • Several Explorer view fixes (including unable to shutdown with FotoAlbum running).
  • Fixed problem with toolbar not auto-hiding after viewing a picture
FotoTime Web Site - 3/21/2001
  • We added greeting cards back. There are more options for customizing their look now. You can either buy them printed, or email them.
FotoAlbum 2.3.4 - 3/8/2001
  • Fixed random bug when clicking on thumbnails.
  • Added logging of errors and better ability to track problems.
  • Improved version checking to reduce problems with DownloadPics.
  • Improved install program to better detect required components.
  • Improved upload pefformance (better load-balancing when pictures are uploaded)
FotoAlbum 2.3.2 - 2/15/2001
  • Eliminated problem with certain systems locking up.
  • Save position of the slider for the Album Tree and Explorer Tree.
  • Improved version checking to reduce problems with DownloadPics
  • Improved CD creation (reduces problems with drive change and other security improvements).
  • Fixed bug when adding and reordering albums (display of button).
  • Fix random problem when manually reordering pictures.
FotoAlbum 2.3 - 1/30/2001
  • Added ability to convert to JPEG and/or resize pictures before sending to FotoTime server.
  • Documentation now updated to include all new features.
  • Improved ability to handle read-only picture folders.
  • Added ability to break out of long e-mail transfers.
  • Improved sync logic to only send pictures that absolutely require it.
FotoAlbum 2.2 - 1/23/2001
  • Added e-mail capability to easily send e-mail with attached pictures.
  • Added ability to run on an NT system without being administrator.
  • Several bug fixes associated with Kodak DCS format.
  • Fixed problem with certain keystrokes not working.
FotoTime Web Site - 1/21/2001
  • Album maintenance now available through web browser for those that do not use FotoAlbum.
  • You can now upload to more than one album when uploading via web browser.
  • You can now add captions to pictures from your web browser.
  • Preview option when ordering prints that show crop/fit results for your picture.
  • Improved to work with more browsers including Opera, and Macintosh variants.
  • Added download page to list all download available from FotoTime.
  • New DownloadPics program on download page to batch download pictures from your account.
  • New ship cost preview available on shopping screen.
  • Improved performance for those that have more than 1000 pictures in their account.
  • Link to picture can now generate an img tag around picture URL.
FotoAlbum 2.1 - 1/14/2001
  • Added ablility to start/stop slideshow from right-click menu.
  • Date selector now shows only dates for currently selected album or group.
  • Screen saver now uses max scaling factor preference from FotoAlbum.
  • Improved the dragging of folders in explorer.
  • Fixed: problems with certain images with invalid dates, shutter speeds, or exposure values.
  • Fixed: status bar now shows picture date.
  • Fixed: "A" key now toggles the album tree.
  • Fixed: problems with Alt-F4, up/down arrows, and other key navigation problems.
FotoAlbum 2.0 - 1/3/2001
  • Major improvements to graphics capabilities (now using PolyImage which is the same engine used by Polyview).
  • new filetypes
  • Improved ALL view that shows all albums in an optional tree.
  • Complete OLE Drag and Drop support (including in/out of other applications or Windows Explorer)
  • Fully functional Explorer view (including ability to add/rename/delete folders). Added filtering capabilities and a thumbnail cache to improve performance.
  • Completely customizable thumbnail display (user defined sizes and display options)
  • Many new display preferences including customizable tooltips for thumbnails
  • Improved Detail screen including status bar, configurable display of toolbar and zoom in/out capabilities.
  • Improved performance and ability to easily handle over 10,000 pictures.
  • New keyword support including ability to easily add/remove keywords on multiple pictures at once.
  • Additional sort capabilities (added filesize and ability to sort ascending/descending)
  • Ability to drag groups to other albums.
  • Ability to easily set or restore the Windows Wallpaper
  • Improved printing with dramatically reduced spool file sizes
  • New "Locate in Explorer" capability.
FotoTime Web Site - 10/22/2000
  • Re-designed FotoTime.com home page to give better information to new and existing visitors.
  • Easier to use invite history screen with the ability to sort by any of the columns.
  • Much better usability for AOL users.
  • Added greeting cards to our store (just in time for the holidays).
  • Fixed bug which caused date of e-mail to show incorrectly.
FotoAlbum 1.15 - 9/4/2000
  • Enhanced the Explorer View to provide complete image file and folder management
  • Deleting folders or files uses the Windows Recycle Bin
  • Added ability to easily set picture dates to file dates (using the multi-picture properties)
  • Added auto-caption support to allow quick data-entry of many captions
  • Provided a quick way to view your web account after syncing
  • Fixed several minor bugs and improved error messages
FotoTime Web Site - 9/4/2000
  • Added simple picture editing from web. You can now rotate, flip, and change the security of pictures from your web browser.
  • Enhanced store to make it easier to buy prints. Now you can select all pictures in an album with a single click and add them to your cart.
  • Added price list to make it easy to see the prices of items available from our store without adding them to your cart.
  • Fixed bug which caused browser upload of pictures to sometimes fail.
  • Fixed bug which caused non-recursive mode to display your thumbnails improperly.
FotoAlbum 1.14 - 8/19/2000
  • Added context sensitive help to FotoAlbum which documents all features.
  • Improved the FotoAlbum CD generatation to better handle drive letter changes.
  • Added the ability to reorder groups within an album.
  • Added maintenance tasks in the file menu. You can now compress your index file and rebuild all thumbnails.
  • Fixed several bugs including random lockup problems when using explorer mode, and color problems when scanning.
FotoTime Web Site - 8/11/2000
  • Added complete online help system for FotoAlbum. You will find the answers to all of your questions here.
  • Added enhanced price list for store that shows pictures of each item and their costs.
  • Added ability to create a link to an individual picture. This allows you to easily embed your FotoTime pictures in your own home page or in EBay ads.
  • Added new items to store including VERY large print sizes up to 20x30.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/26/2000
  • Improved web printing. Both the ActiveX and Netscape print controls now support all paper sizes (originally supported only letter). Also works better with non-standard proxy servers when downloading pictures to print.
FotoAlbum 1.12 - 6/18/2000
  • Ability to create a CD image for easy archiving of your pictures to CD.
  • Casio camera driver for QV3000
  • Camera driver for cameras that interface with Windows by creating a virtual drive (drive letter) within explorer
  • Preference to set background color for slideshow screen. Other preferences to hide toolbar and captions on slideshow screen.
  • Preference to make albums non-recursive. (Only show pictures in currently selected group/album).
  • Added "Extra-Large" display option for thumbnails.
  • Support for all papers sizes when printing.
  • Selection of pictures now works more like explorer.
  • Faster start up time.
FotoTime Web Site - 6/18/2000
  • Reduced prices for prints
    • 4x6 - $0.49
    • 5x7 - $0.99
    • 8x10 - $2.99
  • Added new $3.00 shipping option when ordering prints using standard US mail.
  • Better support for AOL and other non-html e-mail clients for all e-mail sent from FotoTime.
  • Non-recursive option for web
FotoTime Web Site - 5/29/2000
  • More enhancements to web address book making it more clear how to enter who you want the invite to go to.
  • New album maintenance link allows you to remove albums, or pictures from albums.
  • Enhanced sync performance when uploading large quantities of pictures.
  • Improved the "Generate Link" feature so that views can be tracked just as they can with the "E-Mail Invites" option. Gives you more power when trying to generate a link URL to your album.
  • Indicator tells you when you do not have the latest version of FotoAlbum and gives you the option of downloading it.
  • New guest login on home page for people that don't want to use the invite system.
FotoAlbum 1.1 - 5/12/2000
  • Ability to control the order pictures are displayed for each album. Three sorts have been added including picture date, file name, and user controlled sort order (drag and drop support).
  • Better EXIF support including displaying all tags with complete detail.
  • Additional preferences for control over the display of captions.
  • Fixed bugs in screen saver and FotoAlbum.
  • Support for Casio uncompressed TIFF that QV3000 creates!!!
FotoTime Web Site - 5/12/2000
  • Enhanced address book maintenance allows you to edit names and e-mail addresses.
  • Improved sorting capabilities. Pictures can now be sorted by filename, picture date or manually sequenced.
  • Got rid of 100MB limit for storage of photos on FotoTime. You now have un-limited storage space.
FotoAlbum 1.10 - 4/22/2000
  • FotoAlbum now displays full EXIF information for JPEGs.
  • Better internet connectivity when syncing FotoAlbum with the web. There is a new preference screen for proxy setup that lets you override the proxy settings configured from the browser. We now also support Windows Sockets, the same sockets used by Internet Explorer. If you have been having proxy problems, try the Windows Sockets option.
  • Faster loading of big non-jpeg images.
  • Ability to add captions to groups as well as albums. The web now display the captions above the thumbnails.
  • Better support for sync-ing pictures from more than one machine.
FotoTime Web Site - 4/9/2000
  • The FotoTime store now lets you buy gifts such as mugs and t-shirts with your pictures printed on them.
  • Inviting your friends and family to view you photo album is now easier than ever. An address book keeps track of your friends email address. You now also have the ability to see who has viewed your pictures from the people you have invited. Invites can be revoked when you later decide you don't want someone to view your pictures.
  • FotoTime now offers processing of 35mm film into digital pictures. You must have an account for us to upload your images to.
  • We have added a "Link to pictures" menu item that gives you a link which links to your web photo album and can be place in any web page or e-mail.
  • Home page with cleaner look, let us know what you think.
  • Got rid of banner adds on home page
  • Improved support for browsers running on the Macintosh (fonts were displaying too small on Macintosh)
  • Added a quick link from thumbnail screen to make it easier to get to the invite history
FotoAlbum 1.9 - 4/1/2000
  • You can now edit multiple pictures at once (date, caption, etc)
  • Captions can be easily set on the full screen mode.
  • There is a shortcut to the properties screen on the full screen mode.
  • Improved caching of pictures on the full screen mode.
  • Screen saver now has a random mode.
  • You can now filter pictures by keywords in the captions.
  • Cropping now works better when printing
  • Other minor bug fixes.