FotoTime Subscription Information

FotoShare and FotoStudio Policies and Prices

  • A one year subscription to FotoShare costs only $23.99 and includes 8GB of storage space.
  • A one year subscription to FotoStudio costs only $47.98 and includes 16GB of storage space.
  • Purchase more storage space in 8GB increments for only $23.99.
  • Price discounts on all items in our online store.
  • Organize, manage and upload your photos using our FREE FotoAlbum Subscriber Edition software. Upgrade to FotoAlbum Pro for only $29.95.
  • If you decide not to subscribe, your pictures will automatically be purged from our system 30 days after you registered. Your account stays active, and you can upload pictures again, but they will be purged again 30 days later. This is perfect for those that want to order prints and gifts from FotoShare, but don't need long term storage for their pictures.